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Not for the Faint of Heart

I have 5 soon-to-be 6 kiddos.  My hands (literally) are full…at least that’s what people are always telling me when they find out.  I’m also crazy enough to homeschool.  Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos.  Yet, the mom challenges I face are nothing like the challenges I watch my sister bravely deal with on a […]

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The Parties Are Over…Now What?

It didn’t take long for my children to unwrap their Christmas gifts this year and although our celebrations are not centered around the presents, I still felt a sense of disappointment.  Possibly because the unwrapping took less then 10 minutes but the prep and selection of said presents took months.  Don’t get me wrong, my […]

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A dreaded four letter word and how to deal with it.

It’s a four-letter word people don’t like to talk too much about. Lice. The mere mention of head lice not only makes you itch, it can also bring a bit of embarrassment because really, who wants to be a nitpicker? Lice don’t carry disease, however they’re highly contagious when someone is carrying the nit-laying louse. […]

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Getting the photos off your camera roll

Getting the Photos Off Your Camera Roll

How many photos are on your smart phone’s camera roll?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Let’s explore some ways to organize and preserve your 2D legacy.  Today is a good day to take stock of your digital photo storage management along with making sure you’re preserving the past in a physical manner that your entire family can enjoy. […]

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Yes, We Eat Donuts in Our Car Seat

Yes, We Eat Donuts in our Car Seat

There’s a phrase we repurposed in our household. YOLO – You’re Only Little Once. My husband’s genius phrase change, yet something we often use when we face certain situations with our daughter.  There are times where my husband and I look at each other and go should we let her do this? You know that […]

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A Date to Remember

Grandparents Day.  It’s a day that ranks up there with other September “days to remember” such as “National Neither Rain or Shine Day” or “Make Your Bed Day.”  It’s easily forgotten, skipped over and ignored.  However, I want to challenge moms everywhere to start making this date a celebrated holiday. When: It is always the […]

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