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Take the Trip!

In the beginning of 2017, my life was a chaotic mess. I had a newly turned one year old, my dad had passed away, and I started a new job.. My cousin had asked if my husband and I were interested in taking a vacation with her and her significant other. We had a million reasons to say no; money, work, the baby. All the things. And then we realized the things that were prompting us to say “no” were actually all the reasons we should be saying “YES!”

The Deciding Factors…

We went back and forth on whether or not taking a trip would be the right choice. Money was the biggest issue. Luckily, when we were extended the invitation, it was right around tax season. And when you have a child, you know what that means (hopefully anyway…)! A little extra cash coming our way. We reviewed our finances and our budget for the year. And after a lot of thinking, we decided we just needed to do it. Money is money. It comes and goes. We set aside what we needed and told my cousin we absolutely wanted to go.

Another issue was where we were going to go. Lately there always seems to be something negative going on. Violence, natural disasters, you name it. We wanted to be sure we went somewhere that was safe. Luckily, my cousin is a pro at researching. She weighed out the pros and cons on some of the major Caribbean islands. Eventually we decided Dominican Republic was the one! With that, another issue was the Zika virus. This is very prominent in a lot of tropical islands and can put a damper on baby and family planning. We needed to decide if going on the trip and waiting to conceive our second child was more important than extending our family sooner. We ultimately decided this was the perfect time to go since we still wanted to wait a bit for our next child. 

The last deciding factor was, of course, our son. Did we want to leave him for an entire week? Would we be able to find someone willing to care for him the whole time we’re gone? It was a tough decision. I wasn’t sure I could be away from him that long. I was worried he would forget us or think we weren’t coming back. I was worried a catastrophe would happen while we’re gone. What if the plane crashes with both of us on it? A million questions ran through my mind. But, we needed this. We needed a break. A well deserved break. Parenting is hard! And let’s be honest, my mom jumped at the chance of having an entire week of grandma time.

Go for it!

All I can say is, if you have the opportunity and you can make it work, do it. My husband and I had an amazing vacation together. We had 7 full days of no responsibility. No whining, no crying (except when my wine was gone), or 2 year old tantrums. A week of not having to share our food with a crabby toddler, or drink cold coffee. We enjoyed each other’s company and reconnected. We laughed and remembered why we fell in love in the first place. Of course we missed our son. In fact, in the last hours while we were waiting to leave our resort we were looking at old photos and watching videos of him on my phone. But it’s OK to take a break, you deserve it! We are so lucky and thankful we had this exciting opportunity and were able to make it work. So go ahead, take the trip!



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