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Never Ever Would I Ever

Remember that drinking game we played in college? You know, the one where we all started with 5 fingers up and went around the table saying embarrassing things we may or may not have done to try and get the others out? And the first one out had to drink and were named the loser of the game? Well, sometimes I still play that game, in my head, by myself. Only I think about all the things I said I would never do as a parent but now do. And instead of considering it losing when I have to drink, I consider it winning. 

1. Never ever would I ever… let my kid sleep in my bed.

Ahhh… sleep. The thing a lot of us lose when we have children. I don’t know about you, but I was very adamant that I would never, EVER let my kids sleep in bed with me. I did that as a child with my parents and I certainly wasn’t about to let a flailing toddler invade my space. But have you ever gotten to the point where it’s the middle of the night and you’ve literally tried everything in the book to try and get your kid to sleep but they have other plans? And you know the one thing to get them to sleep is to have them squeeze between you and your spouse? If letting my kid sleep in bed with me means that everyone in my house gets to sleep through the night then sign me up! 

2. Never ever would I ever… let my child cry it out.

Nope. Big fat nope. Never. I would never let my child cry it out. That’s a lie. I have done this. Numerous times. Do I enjoy it? Absolutely not. It’s awful. I never understood how parents could do this, listen to their little one cry for minutes or hours on end. But I have had moments where it’s the middle of the night and my son is awake, for no reason. I’ve given him a drink, a snack, snuggled, rocked him, everything. Sometimes even letting him come into bed with us doesn’t work. So, bring on the crying. I fully admit I have shut his door and turned down the monitor. Does this mean I get better sleep? No. Does he eventually fall back asleep? Yes. Do I feel major guilt doing this? Yes. We all have these incredibly hard and frustrating moments. 

3. Never ever would I ever… feed my kid those fruit and vegetable squeeze pouches.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones you see all over the internet that parents have claimed to cut open only to find mold in them. Yup, those ones. I swore up and down I would never subject my children to that nastiness. Guess what my snack cupboard is filled with?  Fruit and veggie packets galore! I love these things! The varieties, the colors, the convenience! Sometimes my son refuses veggies, and those packets contain a full serving of vegetables. You’re damn right I use those in place of a vegetable at the dinner table sometimes! And when you’re on the go, what a convenient and filling snack option! I am sold on these!

4. Never ever would I ever… give my child processed food.

I am very aware of all the bad things inside a box of macaroni and cheese or a cheap chicken nugget. I’m trying my best to cut all processed foods out of my own diet as well. But what happens when it’s the middle of the week, I didn’t meal plan, I have no time (or energy) to run to the grocery store, and our options for supper are a boxed dinner or going hungry? Hamburger Helper it is! Do I feel guilty? Absolutely! Do I care? Absolutely not! We’re moms, we’re busy. Sometimes a 15 minute quick dinner is all we have time for. 

5. Never ever would I ever… make my child a separate meal from what we’re eating.

This is a tough one. Growing up, we had the rule that you eat what’s on your plate or you don’t eat at all. And I firmly believe in that rule. But right now my son is only 18 months old. Are they supposed to be eating everything adults eat at that age? If I make fajitas for dinner and they have a little spice to them, should he be eating that? My instinct says no. So, sometimes he gets something different. Sometimes I’ll pull some meat out of whatever I’m making before I add the spices. Sometimes I’ll do a slightly different version of what we’re eating so it’s more edible for my son. And sometimes he gets microwaved chicken nuggets and a veggie squeeze pouch. I’ve gotten to the point that as long as he eats, I’m happy.

Well, look at that. I’m at five things. Which means all my fingers are down and I’ve lost the game. Now pass me my wine so I can drink like a winner!

What’s something you said you would never do as a parent and now you do?


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