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How We Got Our LEGOS Under Control


Whether you love them, despise them or are just trying to find a way to NOT scream obscenities when you step on them, I’ve got a plan for you.

The LEGO mania had taken over our play room and it was beyond ridiculous. I decided I had to take on the organization of those little beasts.

Our kids love LEGOS and while I see so many benefits to them playing/building/destroying their creations, I still needed to find a better way to organize them in any way I could to keep my sanity.

Now I am by no means a pro when it comes to organization, I’d actually consider myself a Pinterest frequent flyer, but one day I found a solution I thought I could get behind.

First though, I needed to get things color coded and surprisingly, 2 years later they still somewhat  resemble the organization we so diligently worked on together.

Believe me, I am shocked too!

Getting Organized

After we got everything organized, we soon realized we didn’t have  a plan for the instruction books. So, we grabbed an old 3-ring binder, added clear pages and inserted the instruction books for safe keeping. While it isn’t pretty, it works for us.

Next issue, finding a way to preserve the LEGO creations without having to display them in every nook and cranny of our home.

LEGO Preservation

Again, I consulted Pinterest and voila, we created a LEGO Creations book.

I took close up photos of each creation and now they each have their own spot in a digital scrapbook. This keeps my little guys happy because they can go back and look at what they’ve created from days gone by.

While it hasn’t completely tamed our never ending pile of LEGOS that just happen to be all over the floor, it definitely has helped us in limiting the mountains, upon mountains of LEGOS that can overtake any space in a matter of minutes.

Happy organizing! 

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