Passionate About the Community
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When Worldviews Collide: The Saturday Morning Dino Problem

Parenting is a challenge. We all know this. If it were easy people would be repopulating the Earth like the Duggars and their quiver full of children. And let me add: mothering isn’t easy which makes step-mothering sometimes even harder. Under the best of circumstances a step child is introduced into your life that you […]

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Getting Uncomfortable Together

Hooray for new adventures! This is my very first piece for the Mankato Moms Blog and I am THRILLED! A few months ago I saw a post that MMB was looking for new contributors. I thought well, why not? I like to tell stories to friends and family. I love making people laugh and I […]

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A Simple Post to Help You Compost

Before I had kids, I did all kinds of things I am no longer able (or willing) to do. Life B.K. (before kids) involved more time and more money.  Luxurious indulgences like monthly pedicures and hair appointments. Yoga classes four or five times a week. Unencumbered travel. Sigh. Those were the days. But the things […]

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Me vs. My Mind

I’m not a crier.  In fact, my family has jokingly referred to me as a robot for my lack of tears.  I cry during funerals of close family/friends, have been known to weep in quiet moments over how quickly my kids are growing, but it takes something pretty substantial to make more then a few […]

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How We Got Our LEGOS Under Control

LEGOS. Whether you love them, despise them or are just trying to find a way to NOT scream obscenities when you step on them, I’ve got a plan for you. The LEGO mania had taken over our play room and it was beyond ridiculous. I decided I had to take on the organization of those little […]

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