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Why our Sundays are Reserved for Family Connection

About one year ago, my husband and I decided Sundays were going to be reserved for our family of three to do something together and to reconnect as a family and couple. 

We lead busy lives. Between multiple jobs, gymnastics lessons, volunteer activities and the farm it is easy to quickly lose touch with each other and not connect as a family. This was why it was important for us to pick a day each week where we could do something fun, something lazy, or just make sure we were all in the same place at the same time. 

We have carved out Sundays as the one day of the week for just us, and we’ve had to explain to extended family that we can’t always be at a last minute event or dinner. It is the one day where we can focus on communicating, on connecting, on slowing down time. Even if it is only for a little while for the three of us. 

During the week we get so wrapped up in work, rushing from lessons to appointments, or meeting after meeting, that before we know it it’s Friday and we aren’t sure if we’ve even asked how everyone’s week has been. So on Sundays we start our mornings off with breakfast, snuggles, and cartoons. We usually head off to church and after that is whatever adventure awaits us that day. 

Sundays are for exploring. Some days we will pack a cooler and snacks, hop in the vehicle and drive to neighboring towns. We stop at places we’ve never been to but are only an hour or two away. We make stops at parks, shops, creameries and candy stores. All the places we drive by, but are too busy to stop at during the week or on work trips. A favorite stop this summer was a St. Paul Saints game. We have the Travel Table Topics game in our vehicle which provides lots of fun questions to ask while on the drive. I like that I can connect with my husband while still interacting with my kiddo.  

St. Paul Saints baseball game

A whole row to herself at the St. Paul Saints Game!

Sundays are for cooking. On Sundays we will often cook and bake together as a family. We page through recipe books and scrounge Pinterest looking for new dishes to try. We gather the ingredients we need and make whatever dish or dessert we’ve decided on as a team. My kiddo knows to pull over a chair from the dining table next to the mixer and helps poor ingredients in. She especially loves when she can sneak a few chocolate chips when we make chocolate chip cookies. My husband enjoys helping pick marinades out for grilling and helping me chop veggies for our grilling pan. 

Child helping make cookies.

Helping Mom make cookies.

Sundays are for children’s museums. Unless we take a day off work, we just don’t get to visit all of those fun places. On Sundays, we make special time to visit both the Southern Minnesota Children’s Museum and the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Sometimes, I’m not sure who has more fun, me as a parent or my daughter. I can never seem to think of activities like the museum does such as  putting out a bunch of scrap paper and letting her glue to her heart’s content. Go figure. The tactile activities, vivid colors, music, and exercise are good for all of us. It often serves as a reminder for me to slow down and truly play with my daughter. 

mom and daughter playing with block at the children's museum.

Creating towers with the Rokenboks at the children’s museum.

Sundays are for staying home. Some sundays I just have the urge to be just plain old lazy. This tends to happen after a very busy week and when I work Saturday. We pop in my daughter’s movie picks all day (score for her), make popcorn, pizza, and share a big bowl of ice cream. I soak up the snuggles and relax. Everyone else is delighted for ice cream at lunch time. 

Sundays are for conversation. After bath, bedtime stories, and prayers, we  finally get to chat about the upcoming week. We use our Sunday evenings to go over our calendars. I bring out my sharpie pens to color code my planner, while my husband enters everything into Google calendar on his phone. We discuss the good, bad, and ugly of our week and what we are excited and nervous for in the upcoming week. Daycare drop-off and pick-up for each week requires a plan of action that is made on Sunday evening. We check in on our goals for our family, our business, and ourselves. 

Our Sundays are about finding time for our family unit to connect, engage, and set the tone for the week ahead. I am intentional about the time we spend as a family for good reason. Life is ridculously busy, and I don’t want to miss out on what might be small things now, but will be big things in the end. 


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