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Time is Your Friend!


“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters!” -Unknown

The amount of day light is getting shorter, but our kiddos days are about to get longer. How are we supposed to keep our families afloat?! This has quickly become a realization of mine since becoming a stepmom and getting closer with other mom friends. Routines don’t stay consistent for very long with growing kids and changing schedules, but I am here today to hopefully help you get your school routine on the right track.

When I think of a school routine I think of each day being made up of these 4 components:

  • Morning
  • School Day
  • After School
  • Bedtime

And here’s how they typically play out and how I’m feeling during each of the day’s different phases:

Morning: “Get UP!  Hurry!  Where are your shoes?! We are going to be late” 

Mornings make me think of stress, running around and a deep need for coffee.

School: “Please get out your books and turn to page 86…”

School makes me think of structure thanks to the wonderful educators I know it’s where kids can work on becoming the best version of themselves.

After School: “Mom, I’m hungry! I don’t want to do my homework.” 

When I think after school I think of them safely getting to their after-school care programs or coming home and wanting to eat all the snacks in the world and not wanting to do their homework. 

Bedtime:”But I’m not tired!  I don’t need to sleep, I want to play.  I didn’t finish my homework yet”

When I think bedtime I think of bath time, reading time, and some complaining about not being tired. 

Does this look and sound familiar to you?

I giggled to myself when I was writing those because that is how my house was when I was growing up..and I have quickly seen those phrases and routines come out in my adult life as my little one has started kindergarten. 


We are creatures of habit and kids thrive on routine.  So, what’s the secret to creating a routine that will have you feeling like all the elements of your day run seamlessly?  You adapt. You figure out what each individual person in your family needs and you adapt. 

Does one child NEED to shower in the morning? If so make sure their alarm is set 30 minutes before any of the other kid even get up so there is no yelling about who gets to be in the bathroom.

Is one child way more active in school and needs to be 4 different place in one night?! That’s okay call in some help. Ask your partner or another trusted adult in their lives handle the running so you can keep the other kiddos in their routine.

Is there a night of the week that mom or dad needs a break?  If so schedule it! Prep the kids so they know when and where you are going to be so its not a surprise to them.  Communication will work wonders on nights like this.

The more consistency and structure you can bring into your house the smoother your days will go.  Small changes daily can do wonders for the big picture!

Embrace the time that you have and find ways to make the most of it! 


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