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Ticket for Two – Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling for business when you aren’t pregnant can be hard enough. Throw being pregnant into the mix and it can be a whole new ball game. 

I spent many days and nights either on a plane, in a car, or in a hotel during my pregnancy. I quickly found there were always a few necessary items that made traveling while pregnant a little easier. 

Here are my tips for traveling through each stage of pregnancy. 

First Trimester 

  1. Sea-Bands  I flew out to washington D.C. when I was 10 weeks pregnant on a very early morning flight. I don’t do well when I’m not pregnant with my stomach waking up very early, so I was dreading this flight. My friend who was also pregnant, graciously gave me her extra set of Sea-Bands as I had been struggling with morning sickness. Sea-Bands work by applying pressure to the Nei Kuan acupressure point on the wrist via the means of a small plastic stud in the wristband. They are great way to help ensure you aren’t vomiting in an airport bathroom – yuck! 
  2. Shift Dresses – I bought several shift dresses (that I still wear now) to get me through my first stages of trips while pregnant. They accommodated my growing belly and were so comfortable. When I had to go from the airplane straight to meetings, it was an easy way to be comfortable on the flight, but still look professional. They were easy to dress up with a blazer for formal meetings, or go more casual with a light sweater. 
  3.  Carbs – I know…shutter. However, if you are dealing with a lot of nausea and traveling, a meal such as pasta may help settle your stomach and also help turn those glucose sugars into energy to help get you through your meetings and days when you are easily exhausted. Think of it like how a person running a marathon eats a large spaghetti meal the night before their big race. 

Second Trimester 

  1. Maternity Dress Pants – I think it should be perfectly okay to wear maternity dress pants even when not pregnant because they are way more comfortable than regular dress pants. Maternity dress pants, especially in black, will become your best friend when traveling for business. You can pair them with your normal suit blazers, unbuttoned. Wearing them with maternity tank and your normal cardigan with a scarf or necklace, allows you to utilize pre-pregnancy dress clothes. 
  2. Snacks – Always pack snacks for traveling, and not just in your suitcase. Keeping a cooler packed with items like cheese, grapes, and yogurt are great options when traveling by car or staying at a motel. Ask to have a mini-fridge put in your room if your hotel doesn’t include one automatically. Instant oatmeal is another easy option to make in the hotel room. Stash a few granola bars in your purse as well. 
  3. A Good Book – It helps to unwind and destress from a long day of travel. Whether it is a sleep mask, your favorite book, a scented lotion, or even a back scratcher you bring along, it is important to take time each night to unwind and relax. I always brought a book with and my sleep mask. It helped ensure a good night’s sleep (which can be hard to get when pregnant) and helped keep my stress levels in check. 

Frequent stops to stretch legs were a must on an agricultural education trip at 8 months pregnant.

Third Trimester

  1. Compression socks – With any kind of foot and ankle swelling, compression socks are a must for traveling. Not only do they help prevent blood clots when sitting for an extended period of time in a car or on a plane, but they can help reduce swelling. Utilize the ice bucket from the hotel room by taking the plastic liners, filling with ice, and using them as ice packs on your ankles and feet.
  2. Comfy Shoes – Comfy shoes are a must any time really, but good support is essential when in the final trimester of pregnancy. I recommend a shoe that fits more like a sneaker but can be worn with dress pants. Skechers has some great options that have memory foam, and velcro closures for when your feet swell. Skechers’ shoes look more like a dress shoe, so they can be worn for work with dress pants or with jeans for a casual look. 
  3. Medical Information – When traveling during 3rd trimester,  always bring along with you a copy of important medical records/details pertaining to your pregnancy as well as your doctor’s contact information in case of an emergency. I recommend keeping it in your purse instead of your suitcase. If you are out and something happens, you are more likely to have the information on you, rather than back at the hotel. 

Traveling while pregnant can be a bit more daunting, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, a few hours on a car or plane will be much more enjoyable! 


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