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A Real Mom’s Questions to a Chiropractor

This post is written as a partnership with Andrews Family Chiropractic.

Have you been thinking about chiropractic care for your family?  Maybe you’re hesitant.  Will it work?  How often will we have to go?  We’re talking to Dr. Shawn Andrews on the blog today.  He is a chiropractor and the owner of Andrews Family Chiropractic.  We’re asking him real questions that we have regarding chiropractic care for our own families.  

Who can benefit from chiropractic care?

New patients most commonly come into our office with painful conditions.  These can be spinal conditions or even shoulder, knee, or wrist issues.  A lot of pediatric patients come into our office with painful conditions but also other complaints you may not readily associate with the spine.  Things like colic, ear infections, or bed wetting.  Chiropractors are also starting to see some pretty amazing results with children that have neuro developmental issues.  (Think autism spectrum disorders, ADD, ADHD and the like.)  Once the condition has resolved some patients will come in only if and when the pain returns.  Others elect for maintenance or preventative care to help their spine stay healthy and pain free.

I always think think of a sore back or something being ‘out of place’ but what other types of ailments do patients come to you with?

As mentioned above we see people for a wide range of issues, but most commonly, especially among adults, we see patients for ailments of the muskuloskeletal system.  So that means not just the spine, but carpal tunnel, knee problems, shoulder injuries, and foot pain.  

I know a lot of moms who swear by bringing their infants and children to a chiropractor.  How does treating your smallest patients differ from adult care?

The biggest difference is the amount of force involved in treating infants.  The amount of pressure we use on infants is a fraction of that for adults.  So you won’t hear any “cracking” when I work on your infant.  Most parents remark that they can hardly tell I’m doing anything, but they love the results afterward.   

I wanted to lead with this, but I thought I’d better break the ice a little first.  My 10 month old is a terrible sleeper. Could chiropractic care help?

It’s a good possibility.  I would of course have to take a history and check the little one out to know for sure.  Sleep disturbances, especially in a 10 month old who should be settling into a nice pattern by then, are commonly helped by chiropractic care. 

What about babies who are fussy? Parents with fussy babies are willing to try just about anything. Any success stories about chiropractic care helping with fussiness?

I just saw a little guy who is two months old last week.  Mom brought him for extreme fussiness and poor sleeping.  We also uncovered that he would only turn his head to the right and favored nursing off one breast because of it.  During labor and delivery a vacuum was used to assist the process.  I found that the very top of his neck was misaligned as a result of that trauma.  After one very gentle adjustment mom said he was like a new baby.  He is sleeping better and is a lot less fussy.   He’s even moving his head to the left more often.    

After the initial treatment, how often do children typically need to be seen?

That depends on each child, their age, what caused the issue they are being seen for, and how long they have had the problem.  In general children respond a lot faster than adults.  

What would you say to moms and dads who might be hesitant to bring their small children to a chiropractor?

I would say that I completely understand the hesitation.  I take the health of my children very seriously too and if I was unfamiliar with chiropractic I might hesitate too.  But rest assured chiropractic is safe for children.  We have taken extra post graduate course work in pediatric care.  We have 20 combined years experience working with kids, including our own 5, whom have been adjusted since birth.  

Hopefully our interview with Dr. Shawn answered some questions that you may have about chiropractic care for your family.  If you would like to ask him some questions for yourself find out more and hear from some of his patients here.

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