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Ready or Not– A New School Year and a New Season

As I tucked my youngest daughter into bed, I could tell something was bothering her. With her big brown eyes looking up at me she started to say something. Her shaky voice quickly turned into a stream of tears. “Mom, do I HAVE to go to Kindergarten? I just want to stay with you.” Ugh! Tears welled up in my own eyes. My heart sank.

How did we get here?

The sleepless nights that oftentimes turned into those downright crazy kinda days. It was those days I’d closely watch the clock because nap time could not come soon enough.

The chaffed hands from washing them after EVERY SINGLE diaper change.

The first tooth, first words, and the first time riding a bike with no training wheels.

The monumental toddler tantrums when I would also take a timeout of my own and found refuge behind the bathroom door with a handful of M&M’s.

The endless cuddles and kisses.

The sibling conflicts so strong that I’d second-guess if I had what it takes to help them become polite little humans that would one day turn into amazing adults.

The countless birthday celebrations, silly sayings, and simple yet memorable family vacations we won’t soon forget.

We have made so many wonderful memories along our journey.  Although, I jokingly admit to barely remember much of anything over the span of a couple of years…particularly after our our third daughter was born, and my husband and I were outnumbered with three kids age three and under.

There have also been times I would secretly wish for the day my kids would be in school so I could get a moment to myself. {gasp!} Now that moment has arrived.

A new school year brings a new season. It’s the first time all of my children will be in school. It’s also the first time that I’ve had a child express reluctance—to the point of tears—about heading off to kindergarten. The combination is enough to stir up a ton of emotion, which prompted me to pull out the photo albums, reminiscing about when my girls were babies.  Yeah, not a good idea. A sappy country song that just happened to pop up on my playlist was the icing on the cake to a full-out cry fest for this momma.

I’m not quite sure WHY I was crying, yet it felt good to release all of those feeling about the impending FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL and realize that this milestone marks an incredible point in our family’s journey.  It will be one of many “firsts” that, with utmost certainty, will invoke extraordinary emotion.  I’m thankful for an understanding husband to help us {yes, us–meaning me and our girls} look toward the future and all it holds.  A future that is sure to be filled with tremendous joy, love, and laughter along the way.  

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Suess

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