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Raising Kids or Raising Plants

I apologize to my yard, I still can’t do both, raise kids and raise plants. It’s good to acknowledge your weaknesses they say.

Tiger lilies in a Mankato Yard

Tiger lilies are so pretty after they bloom.

I was so full of optimism this spring, so full of ideas. I was going to have the best yard and garden I’ve ever had this year. I pruned the shrubbery when I was supposed to prune. I mowed the lawn every week. The boys kicked in and helped pick up sticks and take turns running the lawn mower. I watered every day it didn’t rain. The boys and I were going to be our own in-house landscaping team. But summer is long and there are bugs and it’s hot. Heck, it’s still hot! 

Hostas and ornamental grass in Mankato

Hostas are bunny food.

For Mother’s Day, I bought myself plants and made time to put them in the gardens. The whole family kicked in, to mulch, put down edging and fabric. I’m still excited about the three new shrubs I bought. I’m looking forward to having a big crop of elderberries eventually. We will be sharing most of the berries with the birds and squirrels I’m sure. But I have two new flowering spirea shrubs to replace the one that was removed. I have twelve new hostas that I snagged from my parents’ house. (I’m sorry about the bunnies, little hostas.) The boys love watching the rabbits munch on the decorative grass I planted. They laugh at how it looks like the rabbits are eating spaghetti noodles when they have a nice long juicy blade of grass in their mouths. 

Tomato plants in Mankato

Soooo many tomatoes.

The cherry tomato plants are judging me I know. I’m sorry, tomatoes, that I stopped craving tomatoes as soon as you started ripening. I over watered you in your pots and so all your fruit split open when we picked your ripe tomatoes. The boys didn’t appreciate being told to pick the sticky tomatoes.

Burnt plants in Mankato yard

I’m sorry snow on mountains.

I’m sorry, larkspur, that I planted you in the wrong spot and you were too hot. I’m sorry weird little area that I don’t know what to do with, you have weeds that scare me. I’m sorry yard that I didn’t want to go outside some days and I didn’t want to weed.

Weeds in a Mankato Yard

Yay weeds!

Next year I’m going to stick to flowers, coneflowers, milkweed, and lilies. No more veggies for me, vegetables are judgmental flora. Fall makes me think of ideas for bulbs to plant, tulips in the hosta patches so there’s something green in early spring, maybe. Another magnolia on the other side of the yard. Next year you’ll look so much better, yard.

Weeds in Mankato yard

What is this vine? It’s everywhere!

But first, we clean up the weeds, rake up the acorns and leaves and stash the mulch somewhere for next year. It’s so handy that the city of Mankato removes the leaves that we rake into the gutter. The three boys, my husband and I will make quick work of raking this October.

Mulch in a yard in Mankato

Maybe I need more mulch!

I so want to pass on a love of gardening to my boys, their great-grandfathers, and great-grandmothers and grand fathers and grandmothers and my husband and I all have loved and still love plants and growing things, learning new plant names and all the fun that comes with watching things grow so next year I will try again and I will keep trying. 

flowers in a Mankato yard

Balloon flower plant? I have no idea, but it’s pretty.

Thank you for your forgiveness this year, yard. Next year will be so much better, I promise. I will be better at everything yard care. I’ve already stopped by the garden center to buy fall perennials.

Don’t forget to call before you dig, Gopher One State 811.

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