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Finding the Perfect ‘Mom Car’

This post is written in partnership with Snell Motors, all opinions are our own.

I’m not a minivan mom.  I have many friends who swear that mini-vans are the only way to travel.  They are unsure how I even function without one.  Seriously, just ask a mom with a van about it and she’ll tell you how much she can’t live without it.  But, minivans just aren’t for me.  Maybe I’m trying to hang on to the semi-cool woman I was before I had kids? Either way, I’m all about that SUV life.

Not all SUVs are created equal

There’s small ones, big ones and even bigger ones.  There’s so many features, it’s hard to know where to begin.  We headed to Snell Motors in Mankato to get the scoop on the best SUV for families.  

2018 GMC Acadia Denali

I spent an entire day driving this vehicle to really get a feel for how it lends itself to my routine.  Things that stood out immediately:

  • How well my 1 year old’s convertible car seat fit in the bucket seat.  There is so much room!  Plenty of room to for a passenger to sit comfortably up front even while the car seat is installed.  
  • Speaking of fit, when I picked my daughter up at daycare and put her in her car seat I was impressed that I didn’t have to reach up to put her in the vehicle.  It’s an SUV with a lower profile, which is perfect for me because I’m fairly petite.
  • The cup holders are deep!  This one might not seem like a deal-maker to everyone but I have had one too many Starbucks cups tip over in my vehicle to not pay attention to the cup holders.  

If you’ve ever spilled your coffee going around a corner you will appreciate the deep cup holders!

The Interior

The 2018 GMC Acadia is very roomy and very comfortable.  This model had captain’s seats in the second row.  The car seats fit great plus they are comfortable for adult passengers or teenagers! The third row seat is a bench seat, it’s easily accessible from the second row and folds down quickly for more cargo room.  If you are in need of a 6 passenger vehicle but don’t like the feeling of driving something huge, the Acadia is perfect.  It’s so spacious on the inside, but it drives and maneuvers like a small SUV.  

So. Many. Features.

If you like bells and whistles, this is the SUV for you.  Heated and cooled front seats.  Heated steering wheel.  Wi-fi.  Custom fit floor mats that you can remove to clean.  Hands free tailgate lift.  Reverse AND forward camera (have you ever run into your garage refrigerator?  I have.  But you would certainly not have that problem with this vehicle).  When I shut the vehicle off, I heard a dinging sound and a notification popped up on the dashboard reminding me to check the backseat.  This is BRILLIANT!  Of course, no one ever thinks they’ll forget their kids in the car.  But, we know no one is perfect and I love this constant reminder from GMC.  

Perfect for Families

For a family vehicle, I would give this GMC Acadia 5 Stars.  My husband is over 6 feet tall, in our small SUV he can’t comfortably ride in the passenger seat with the car seat installed.  He easily fit in the front seat with the car seat behind him.  This SUV is comfortable and filled with safety features. (If you take car buying advice from a 6 year old, mine said ‘Mom, this a really nice car.  I think we should keep it?)  That’s a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one.  




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