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Oh Baby! Gender Reveal After A Miscarriage.

Hey guys!  Long time no chat.  It’s been a while since my last blog post and a lot has happened since my little break away.  Going through a miscarriage is such a strange experience that it is hard to put into words. All I can say is that I truly believe there is a greater plan and we are not in charge of it. October 23rd will mark the 1-year anniversary of having to go through a D&C.  And amazingly, October 24th is the due date of our new baby who will be joining our family this fall. Wow, how incredible is that?!?! This is something that not even I could have dreamed up. I am so grateful how life builds you back up after a tragic time. I wanted to share our gender reveal and how excited we are for our new arrival in October.

I’ve felt different with this pregnancy than with my others.  Of course, the first few months of this pregnancy were scary and nerve-racking after going through a miscarriage.  I just wanted to protect this little being and not have anything bad happen.   After going to our big ultrasound appointment in late June, I now feel more at ease and have been starting to enjoy my LAST pregnancy.  This little baby has been invigorating to our family.  It’s like a breath of fresh, crisp air on a chilly fall morning.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. -Eda J. Le Shan

Now that we are able to celebrate and I’m not as nervous – we decided (or I should say, I decided) to plan a little gender reveal party.   Who doesn’t like to party?!

For our boys, we waited to find out their gender until they were born. That in itself is one of life’s greatest surprises!  I will never forget when they were both born and the all of the excitement in the room when the doctor yelled out,  “It’s a Boy!!!”  I highly suggest that if you can wait it out, to try this!  What an awesome surprise with your last push. 

This time around I wanted to know what it felt like to know the gender. To call the baby by “He” or “She” and to prepare and dream knowing the gender.  It took a while to get my husband on board and once I did,  it was time to throw something fun together. 

Our gender reveal was going to be just a little family cookout get together.  No games, no mustaches or bow on pins… I just wanted to have our family there to experience the moment together as we all found out at the same time. 

My inspiration? Kate Hudson’s gender reveal video.  How cute was that?! If you missed it, check it out on her Instagram

So I hopped on Amazon and ordered 4 large black balloons that included the confetti (blue, pink & multi-colored).  I wasn’t sure how I would get the balloons inflated or get the right colored confetti in there.  We of course had many people offering their “help” but all they wanted to know what the gender before me.  Not going to happen!  So I called Hilltop Hy-Vee to see if they could help with my plan and they were excited to be part of it.  I love Hy-Vee!

Our big ultrasound was on a Monday and we had to wait 6 days with the white envelope on the kitchen counter until Saturday night. Talk about willpower!  We would pick it up daily and guess the sex, but it stayed sealed until Saturday morning. No peeking from either of us. Pinky swear!

Finally, Saturday morning came and I wrote down the instructions for the balloons and sent the sealed envelope from our appointment with Brent to drop off at the floral department at Hilltop Hy-Vee.  The floral department I’m sure was a bit nervous in hopes they didn’t screw anything up, but they were so great – when Brent picked up the balloons, they double sealed everything with tape & staples.  And we didn’t pop any of the balloons “by accident” as we hustled the balloons to our bedroom until the big reveal around 6PM. 

To get the most confetti in the air, we decided we would all pop a balloon.  I grabbed some push pins and we ran outside. We had to move fast – the steaks were on the grill and there was a break in the rain. Off we went to the backyard.  

We lined up, cameras were rolling and our family was there waiting in suspense for the big gender reveal. 1, 2, 3… POP!


Oh man, what a feeling!  Overflowing with excitement and nerves all at the same time.  I don’t think it actually sunk in until the next day that a little Voss girl will be joining our crew.  The boys couldn’t be more excited as they have prayed almost every night for a baby girl.  We are over the moon with excitement!

Thanks to the iMovie app on my iPhone, I was able to put our gender reveal video to some music and put it into slow motion. I’ll watch that video over & over again and well up with tears until I am 90.  I will never forget this day. We’ve prayed for this baby and she is on her way!  

Whatever you decide to do during your pregnancy, keeping it a surprise or finding out with a gender reveal, you’ll love it either way.  In the end, you’re going to have a sweet little baby in your arms and nothing else will matter.

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