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Getting the Photos Off Your Camera Roll

How many photos are on your smart phone’s camera roll?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Let’s explore some ways to organize and preserve your 2D legacy.  Today is a good day to take stock of your digital photo storage management along with making sure you’re preserving the past in a physical manner that your entire family can enjoy.

Let’s talk about the digital first. In a perfect world we all would have multiple copies of our digital photos, with one of those copies in an offsite location. The best way I’ve found to do that is with cloud storage. There are many to choose from and often you’ll have more than one. Both iTunes and Google will have options for syncing your phone photos, Amazon, Flickr are great places to store photos and Dropbox is great for transferring photos between people. There are also automatic backup services that can sync your photos automatically on your computer. That way you can set it and forget it and your photos will be secure.

For your physical photos I have found a photo album that I really like. It’s not sticky, the pages don’t rip out and the plastic doesn’t come apart and it comes with a nice cover so dust doesn’t get inside the album. I know my limits and I know I won’t be a scrapbooker, so traditional albums it is in this family. 

photo album photo book

Photo albums and books, oh my!


For digital photo albums I’ve used Blurb, they have a variety of sizes and their quality is great. Blurb often sends out coupons and they have 20% off when you make an account. Lots of people choose Shutterfly for their holiday cards but you can also use Shutterfly to make a photo book out of your digital photos. A great way to start with photobooks is to work backwards with your most recent digital photos, like a summer vacation or a birthday party.  

Another fun option for photos is to make a calendar for the upcoming year. Last year I made one at mpix. Calendars are a great option for grandparents and extended family. Fall is a great time to make them so you can beat the holiday shipping rush for gifts. Every year I try and make a grandkid calendar for my parents. 

And finally a great way to share your photos is Facebook. Everyone shares photos and Facebook’s On This Day app is a perfect way to show how much our little ones have grown and it’s so easy. Don’t forget to download and backup your Facebook data so you have those memories and photos in a second safe space.

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