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Middle school? How did we possibly get here!

Dear Isaac,

As summer draws to a close, many moms and dads start their countdown to the first day of school. Happily skipping through the lanes at Target, joyfully grabbing glue sticks, notebooks and plenty of Kleenex to cover the next nine months of freedom! For me, it’s a painful reminder that you are another year older; one year closer to being on your own. I’m certain these feelings aren’t mine alone, but this year, as you enter middle school, I am exceptionally emotional. Those school supplies can wait; my heart is simply not ready.

With you being the oldest child, this transition from elementary to middle school is unknown territory for me. New school, new teachers, new routine, new emotions. Please be patient with me as there is so much I want to tell you; so much advice I want to give, but I was your age once, and remember that moms really don’t know anything! So, I’ll try and keep it short.

You will make new friends. Some really great friends that will be there for a lifetime. With that, you’ll lose touch with some, too, and that’s ok.

You will have to make some tough choices. Some of those choices will require you to decide between being cool and doing the right thing.

As hard as it seems at the time, choosing the do the right thing will always land you on top.  You’ll be challenged. Challenged academically, emotionally and maybe spiritually. One thing that will always be “cool” is your love for God! Please don’t lose site of that; it’s the foundation of who you are.

As you enter this new chapter of your life, remember to be your best, and do your best, and I will do the same. I promise be here; for the good, the bad and the ugly, and when you come to me with the big things, please give me time. Time to step into your shoes to see life as you do. I will not be your best friend, but I will be your best advocate. I love you, Isaac, and can’t begin to tell you how proud you’ve made me.



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