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Let’s Stay Home

Date Night, Mom & Dad Time, Just being Home.

As an introvert, its not hard for me to enjoy alone time at home. I find joy in staying home, and have no problem relaxing in the comfort of my space. I can’t tell you the last time I felt bored or was looking for something to keep me busy at my house. There is always something to clean, organize, or dig into! Being at home also provides time for my husband and I to sit and enjoy our hard work, as we have remodeled almost every room in our house with our own hands.  

Make yourself at home

What do we tell our guests when they come over?

“Make yourself at home!”

Well, I think its important to take our own advice. When you get home, loosen up, sit back, rest, and breathe easy. Its amazing what simply lighting a candle or taking a longer shower can provide. Even sitting in a room you don’t use often, like a formal room, or a room you only use for your Christmas tree. If the weather allows, and your baby monitor has a good distance, hunkering down in your porch, deck, or backyard are also great spots for a homey date.

Mum Moments

I have been very blessed with a good sleeper, from birth on she has always loved her bed. So after 7 pm, its my Mum Moment. When I can watch Real Housewives of OC or The Bachelor, eat chips and salsa without sharing, or simply take a bath. You know what I am talking about, that bedtime deep breath when you can really do whatever you want in peace. That moment when you can give yourself a timeout and just be. I know this early bedtime won’t always happen so its necessary to take full advantage while I can! Even if it is 10 minutes, and there is a pile of laundry, remember to take a little time to take care of yourself. 

Cheap Date

Home improvement shows, starting a new Netflix series, and utilizing an at home Beer Flight kit are a few of the options that make me a cheap date.

 Take that time to experiment with a different meal or picking up the newest Fall beer sampler are entertaining. Friends of mine have even joined Wine clubs that send new monthly bottles to try and share.  Ordering take-out can definitely hit the spot and is best enjoyed at home in comfortable clothes.

 Choosing to stay home is a definite cheaper choice. Simply talking to each other takes little effort, goes a long way, and is free. Communication is always good, especially when its more than “how was your day” or “how are the kids”.  Playing games is another fun option and there is a huge variety of choices. I know many people don’t allow kids to eat in certain areas of the house so when the kids are sleeping, have a picnic in the living room! Ask Alexa to play your favorite play list and appreciate your alone time.

In One’s Element

When I am really busy I NEED to make time to not be busy at home, I need to decompress. Being overly busy or stretched too thin doesn’t turn out well.  I hope you can schedule time for yourself {and significant other} to enjoy and spend time in your Home-Sweet-Home.

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