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Lazy Mom Products to the Rescue

The holidays are quickly approaching and who doesn’t need a few tips and tricks to make everything go smoother. I recommend taking less time on your appearance!  Just kidding. If hiding in the bathroom “putting on makeup” is self-care while the kids are fighting over whose popsicle stick is touching their drawing, then I totally recommend taking more time on that perfect winged eyeliner. And when I feel like being schooled in skin care by a 19-year-old at Makeup R Us  I’m totally getting some Kat Von D eyeliner too.


That being said there are some days where talking someone into wearing socks when it’s 40 degrees out with spitting rain, takes up more time than you had planned.  On those days I have a few things in my “harried mom bag o’tricks”. I’m sure you’ll be familiar with many of them, but when you combine their powers you’ll feel like a functioning adult that has somehow been put in charge of small people. Or maybe that’s just me. 

First and most important, is dry shampoo.

Everyone needs dry shampoo. This is a product I literally have on my Amazon subscribe and save list. I use this EVERYDAY. I spray it on clean hair for some texture on my stick straight, smooth, oily prone hair. This really helps with keeping my bangs looking great. And everyone knows how well it works on second-day hair. I’ve tried a few brands and I’m stuck on Batiste, I want to love the stuff from Lush but I’m not able to control it as well and that takes time I’ll use looking for mittens. 

As I’m reaching the age where my face hopefully stops breaking out and I need to be upping the moisture content in my skin to keep looking 25 forever. I’ve switched from using face wash or soap to the miracle product that is micellar water. This stuff is amazing! It takes off makeup, it’s pH balanced, and it’s not too harsh and best of all it’s incredibly easy to use! No water dripping down your arms,  just wet a cotton pad and your good to go! Micellar water runs the gamut of fancy French products to something you can grab at the grocery store along with children’s cold medicine. After dry shampoo, micellar water is second on the subscribe and save list.  

Next on our getting out of the house when you forgot to look at the clock list, is BB or CC cream.

We can get real fancy with BB cream, I LOOOOVE this stuff, and because I learned how to do makeup from watching Youtube I’m a recent convert. When I  remember to put on my much-needed moisturizer, after being interrupted to answer the question about why I continue to use the dishes as a torture technique, I put on my BB cream. Then as Bobbi Brown said on an episode of Oprah that I somehow remember watching when I was 12, I don’t forget my eyeliner and lipstick. But this can be a tricky time in your personal prep, you might accidentally put on a full face of makeup. Resist the urge to contour and highlight. You know you might have to talk someone down from wearing their hoodie in below freezing weather so it’s best to conserve your time. Maybe just a bit of color correcting powder too and you’re set.

Don’t use all of these! We don’t have time!

My next favorite product in looking like I know what I’m doing is 24-hour lipstick.

This stuff is FUN to wake up wearing. This product can be tricky especially if it comes with its own gloss. Do not use regular lip balm unless you want your lip color to peel off in sheets from your skin. This means you do have to remember to bring it with you when you leave the house. I like to stick to a shade that’s not too jarring in the mirror when I wake up. I want to look like myself, you know? Again be careful not to go full face with the makeup, you will have to drive around the block to grab the package you need to drop off. 

Last but not least is oral care. You know you brushed your teeth earlier in the day but when you’ve had a couple more cups of coffee you may need to freshen your breath. I have THREE different products in my purse for this. The first is gum, but that disappears quickly when you forget how frequently you’ve been asked for a piece.  When I can’t find one of my many flavors in my purse, I use those eye-watering Listerine strips, the kids never steal these. Plus they’re gluten-free! And finally, I have the big guns, those tiny preloaded with toothpaste, mini toothbrushes. These work great after a meal and sometimes you can get a child to use one. 

Well, I hope I’ve been able to help with a few little hints this holiday season, let’s all get through the next month and a half with more time with family, love, and laughs. 


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