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It’s January! Celebrating the Normalness

I love January, new year, new beginnings. There’s more sunlight, almost 10 hours by the end of the month! My husbands birthday is coming up so I can shop for him! When January is over there is a short, quick, little month of February.

Now it’s time to get down to business without the distractions of get togethers, there’s no baking or cooking requirements. I can finally get my kitchen completely clean for a day, maybe. Can you tell I’m an introvert?

In January I finally get to use my new planner that’s been staring at me for the last three months. Even though I’ve found two other ones I want to try since I bought the first one. Starting a new planner is fun because planning to doing things is almost more fun than doing things. Especially in the winter with -39 windchill. Writing down a time to go snowshoeing is much warmer than actually snowshoeing, less frostbite too. 

Speaking of unspeakable cold, who cares that January is cold, I never will never go outside again and my skin has turned translucent without the sunlight. To help keep my mind off the cold I rely on the bliss that comes from forgetting to write out the new year date. This really helps the first month of the year go by quickly, outside of March* the month that never ends. And by March I will remember the date for the year!

Staying inside and focusing on myself is great for new years resolution making. I can secretly plot my plan to exercise more this year, in my new planner and when it doesn’t happen I just get a new planner, in May. But really, keeping your resolutions to yourself and not sharing them gives you a better chance of reaching your goals. New studies suggest the feedback we get when telling people about our resolutions make our brains think that we achieved our goals. Better to keep them to ourselves and make social media more tolerable as well.

The best thing about January for me is that is has no decorating expectations. No elves, no themed photo sessions, no matching vests. January only has undecorating. The getting back to normal, the huge sense of midwestern get back-to-it-ness that keeps us warm when it’s so cold the car windows won’t roll down because they are frozen shut. If you haven’t already taken down your decorations and tree, January for me, is returning to order and no longer having pine needles in my socks. Mementos and memories get tucked safely away until next year, along with the candy thermometer. 

Happy New Year everybody!




* It’s like February but with more days!

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