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How The Crock-Pot Can Save Your Dinner Routine!

 Where are my crock-pot loving mamas?! Where are my crock pot fearing mamas?! If you are either, this blog is for you! I am one of those people who LOVES my crock-pot! 

I hear all the time that people are scared of their crock-pots and that they have no idea what to cook in them, so I’m hoping today that I can share 3 tips that will help you rock at using your crock-pot this year! 

Personally I love the crock-pots that have a timer setting (you can find them on amazon) because this way you are less likely to overcook whatever you are cooking.  We received ours as a wedding gift, it drops down to warm after the set time, so the food is still at a safe temperature it’s just not fully cooking anymore. (Pro tip: set your timer for 30-60 less if you know its going to sit on warm for awhile before you eat it, this will prevent overcooking as well!) 


My first tip for using your crock-pot is make sure there is enough liquid in your crock-pot! This will allow your meals to come out moist and delicious. Nothing is worse than dry chicken or pork. My trick for chicken breasts is to make sure they are fully covered with all the other ingredients in the recipe, this allows the chicken to fully absorb all the flavors. My trick for pork or beef roasts is to have 3/4 of the meat covered with water or broth, this allows the meat to fully absorb the liquid and will make shredding the meat easier. 

BUY THE CROCK-POT LINERS! I though these were such a waste of money when one of my friends suggested them..but boy was I wrong! These have been such a lifesaver. It makes clean up way way quicker. So I highly suggest checking out your local grocery store or Target you won’t regret it! 

Assemble multiple meals at once if you know you have a busy week. I love making 3-5 freezer meals and storing them in freezer bags in the freezer until we need them. This will take the guess work out of planning your dinners for the week or month. This will also help you save money on your grocery bill in the long run. You will use all the ingredients you buy during assembly so you won’t have to worry about waste. 

I hope these 3 tips are helpful for both the lovers of crock-pots and the haters. It can be a game changer once you get in the routine of using them. Drop any questions you have below and we would love to answer them. 

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