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Hexaflexagons, latest craze to hit my house.

Here’s a fun indoor activity for your winter bucket list (ssshh, don’t tell the kids it makes math fun!)


Correctly folded hexaflexagons

While perusing my youtube subscriptions while waiting for dinner to cook I came across Vi Hart’s newest video How To Make a Hexaflexagon: The Definitive Guide

It’s her latest in a series of videos explaining about hexaflexagons and their history. She’s even selling cute t-shirts with directions how to make them. I’m totally considering buying one for myself since I’m the one doing all the folding and cutting so far. The boys are having fun coloring them and writing on them and being mesmerized by them.  Heck, I’m having fun being mesmerized by them. They just keep opening and opening and opening. I can see how these could make great ornaments and snowflakes too! My attempts aren’t great so far but I’ll keep working on it, adding to our supply of hexaflexagons. 


wrongly folded hexaflexagon

I am bad at following directions

As someone who really never saw “the point” of math when I was a kid, I enjoy Vi’s explanations of different math concepts and how they can be demonstrated in physical space, like with cookies! The boys are pulling out our graph paper and doodling out patterns to put on their hexaflexagons. We are all having fun with cool math concept!

Here are a couple more places for instructions for making hexaflexagons and hexahexaflexagons.

Vi Hart Hexaflexagons


Aunt Annie

Aunt Annie Regular Hexaflexagons 

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