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Fall Weather = Closet Cleanup

Fall Guide to Cleaning out Your Child’s Closet

With the change of the season,  drop in temperatures, and the need for more layers, comes the perfect time to clean up your Child’s wardrobe! This might mean purging, handing down, or saving and storing. For this topic, I decided it was only appropriate to enlist in the help of a local mom and expert, Jenna from Bumbelou!  Jenna and I are minimalists and share of love of de-cluttering.  Here are some of our tips on packing up and purging. 

  • If you have children to hand clothing down to, only save the pieces that you love and are in good shape.


  •  Donate or sell your good condition clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t your style. Don’t let it hang around cluttering your life. If you have not used it in over a year, its time to go. 


  • Wash in a gentle natural detergent, and dry low heat, but when stains come go straight for an oxyclean soak.

{We both agree we don’t have time to mess around with spot cleaning those spaghetti stains. Jenna usually fills a bucket and soaks until the next load goes in, usually 1-2 days.}

  • If you haven’t already heard about the Marie Kondo Method, look it up. When storing clothing folding neatly really is the best choice. When you open the box next year you’ll find your clothing in much better shape than if you hurriedly piled it in.

Check it out!

  • When buying for a new season, try really hard to focus on just a few pieces that will be sure to be worn and loved.

{Jenna shares that in the first years of motherhood she had hoards and hoards of clothing for them and it was stressful for everyone. Less clothing mean less difficulty storing it (easier laundry is great for everyone), less waste in the world both in labor and landfill, and less stress on your little ones when they start establishing independent dressing.}

  • Too many options is a burden for little ones so choosing less has been a benefit to our whole family. Buying less means also that we have the budget to buy quality good fitting and feeling clothing.


Less is more.

Keep it simple.

Enjoy and Embrace the change of seasons!

And Finally,

Buy Less-Choose Well-Make it Last.




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