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DIY Valentines :: Free Printables

February is finally here!  I love seeing the Valentine’s Day goodies filling the shelves at the store.  I’m not really Valentine’s Day crazy but seeing the red and pink cards with messages of love and friendship always makes me smile.  (And it certainly beats the sad, sparse aisle of Christmas clearance).  

My son brought home a letter from his teacher this week about their class Valentine’s Day party and I was feeling inspired.  I made some printables for cute and easy custom Valentines you can make at home!  

Non-Candy Ideas:

This one is perfect for younger kids, I plan on doing these for my toddler’s daycare class. Tape this cute little tag on a squeeze applesauce.  Or punch a hole in it and tie the tag on with a red or pink ribbon! Download it here!

I’m sending these with my Kindergartner.  I just bought a big box of crayons and tied a ribbon around a few of them with this color-able card! Download it here!

Candy Ideas:

I love candy.  Please don’t tell my kids.  I’m all ‘candy is a sometimes food’ and then when they go to bed I go to the secret stash.  So I HAD to include some ideas for Valentines with candy.

This one is so cute with a little package of gummy bears!  (Those Haribo gummy bears are seriously my WEAKNESS).  Download it here!

Can we pause for a second and discuss the fact that Reese’s peanut butter cups are better when they are shaped like eggs / trees / pumpkins / hearts?  They just are.  End of discussion.  Ok, I’m glad we got that out of the way.  I hope your child brings home lots of these.  You know, the mom tax rule, right?  (I gave you life, you give me your Reese’s). Download it here!

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?


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