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Dirty Floors Don’t Bother Me Anymore

I remember what it was like to entertain when I was a young(er) mom, I would literally spend DAYS cleaning my house, every nook and cranny. I would dust every surface and vacuum every stitch of carpet and wash (on my hands and knees) every square of linoleum. 

By the time my company came I would be totally exhausted and barely able to stay awake to enjoy my time with them. When they would leave I would have another mess to clean up and I would often resent the fact that I HAD to spend so much time and energy just to entertain.

Now, it didn’t dawn on me at the time that for the most part, everyone stayed in just one room.  Maybe some kiddos went to my daughter’s bedroom, but I can guarantee you that they were not judging the state of my daughter’s bedroom.  And I’m pretty sure that no one was looking at my floorboards to see if they were spotless or not!

As time went on I began to realize that when I invited people over, all I really wanted was for them to feel welcome.  To feel as if they belonged in our home and to be able to enjoy our time together. They really didn’t care if every room and closet was spotless.  Or if the kitchen floor had been recently washed.  And they certainly were not checking out every room in my house for inspection!

So why was I so worried about what things looked like?

I remember when I started cleaning just the rooms that we would be in.  And oh my, I actually didn’t even dust for company!  Woo Hoo! And here’s a secret, sometimes I go months without washing my kitchen floor! UGH!! But I’m ok with that because I know that when I have my friends and family over we are going to focus on each other and not the cleanliness of my home. Another bonus is that I’m usually able to relax with a movie or something fun to do the night before my event because I’m not crazy cleaning.

One other thing….I put out fake flowers this summer!

Oh my, you say??!!  Yep! And I am super proud of it! Every year I kill my real flowers so I decided to go fake this year and my flowers look great!!

So, the moral of the story is relax. Use your time to focus on you, your family and your friends.  The moments that will matter are the moments that you spent building relationships and memories.  Not the moments you spent cleaning your house.

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