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Dear Mom, How Did You Do It All?

Dear Mom,

This time of year always gets me feeling nostalgic about my childhood.  Growing up things certainly weren’t perfect, but you sure made it feel pretty close to perfect during the holidays.  (Without Target OR Amazon!!)

Every single Christmas song that comes on the radio instantly transports me back to our dining room, table filled with wrapping paper.  You always let us choose the bows and gift tags.  When I open my ornament box to decorate I see the personalized ornaments from years gone by and remember you hanging them with care on the tree every year.  As I choose gifts for my kids I think about how you always found a way to surprise us with the perfect gift.  

The picture you sent me of your mantle this year, our family has grown significantly but the holiday magic hasn’t faded.

As I begin to feel stressed about the cards that need to be addressed, the parties that need to be attended and the never ending hustle and bustle of the holiday season I wonder, how did you do it all?

You worked a full time job that seemed to be fulfilling, I recall your co-workers and patients adored you.

You volunteered for causes that were near and dear to your heart.  I always missed you when you had meetings, but I remember admiring that you could get up in front of all those other people and speak from your heart about something you were passionate about.  

You had a ‘side hustle’ (that’s what we call it now) selling baskets to friends at parties in their homes.  I remember the excitement you had when people’s shipments would arrive.

You maintained those female friendships that are oh-so-important for moms in the thick of parenting.  As I got older I would dread your ‘ladies’ nights’ because you’d always come home with gossip from my classmates’ moms.  

You had hobbies.  You were a ‘Pinterest Mom’ long before Pinterest actually existed.  Your craft cupboard overflowed with glue sticks and Halloween Costume patterns, your hands never resting.

But most of all you made time for us.  You showed up for everything.  You always made us feel special.  You encouraged our dreams and passions no matter how outlandish.  

This list just scratches the surface.  I don’t remember you ever acting overwhelmed or stressed out by everything you had on your plate.  Although at times, I’m sure you were.  I’m aspiring to be like you, Mom.  It’s not about ‘doing it all’ because I feel like I have to.  It’s more about doing the things that I love and care about and showing my kids how to live with passion and intent.  But I’ll keep my Amazon and Target, thank you very much.



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