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Clean Green: My Top Four DIY Household Cleaners!

You have probably all seen the studies coming out about the dangers of cleaning with chemicals. Over the years I  have slowly switched out my cleaning products with insanely cheap, incredibly effective DIY versions of the same things. I no longer use any store-bought cleaners. Here are a few of my ALL-TIME favorite DIY cleaners!


Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 cup Borax

1 cup Super Washing Soda

1/2 bar Felps Napa Laundry Soap, grated

Optional: Vinegar in the rinse cycle.

No more expensive laundry detergent! This costs pennies per load and does a superb job in cleaning clothes.


All-Purpose Cleaner

50/50 Dawn Dish Soap


Spray Bottle

No need to add water! I use this for everything. Kitchen counters, messy stove tops, toilets, tubs, the cat’s litter box, sticky lunch boxes, stained coffee mugs, pet stains, the list goes on… It is as some call it, “Miracle In A Bottle”.


Soft Scrub Alternative

50/50 Dawn Dish Soap and Vinegar

Baking Soda

I didn’t believe this would work as well as Soft Scrub until I tried it. Spray surface liberally with dawn/vinegar mixture. Sprinkle baking soda on. Using a scrub brush, lightly scrub in to form a paste. Let sit for up to one hour, then wipe off. Gets rid of soap scum, scuffs, and stubborn stains. For really wicked stains, repeat.

Dishwasher Detergent

2 Parts Borax

 2 Parts Super Washing Soda

1 Part Salt

Add a little Lemon Juice

Vinegar (for rinse cycle)

Note: I’ve found it’s easier to mix the dry ingredients and store separately from the lemon juice or it gets hard and clumpy. Just add a dash of lemon juice to each cycle.

Looking to make your house a little safer and greener for yourself, your kids, and your pets? Give these recipes a try! You will not be disappointed!



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