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Car Seat Friendly Halloween Costumes

When you live out in the country, traveling to a neighbor’s house to trick-or-treat can be quite a jaunt! We travel to three different cities during all Hallows Eve in order to catch all the family. This means a lot of time in and out of a car seat for the kiddo. This also means that a lot of Halloween costumes that involve wings and large tails are out of the question. I’ve found a way around it with a little DIY magic and typically a plain old shirt. 

Here’s some simple ways of turning a plain shirt and pants into a Halloween costume! 

Costume Idea #1

Rosie the Riveter 

This costume was a breeze to make! My mom found the denim shirt at Kohls ($7), and  I ironed on a Rosie patch and affixed a Westinghouse Electric Service button to her collar that were purchased off of Etsy for $13. She wore denim jeans and boots already in her closet. I enlisted my mom’s sewing skills to make the headband out of fabric ($3) from JoAnn Fabrics and extra elastic she had laying in her sewing room. 

A few smudges of my eyeshadow on her cheeks for grease and a quick raid of her toybox for wrenches and we were set for our role as Rosie the Riveter.

I think the best part of this costume is the comfort factor for kiddos. When dressed in “regular” clothes, they don’t have to worry about overheating, scratchy tags, or itchy fabric. My kiddo is super sensitive about tags so being able to wear regular clothes for her was a win-win!




Costume Idea #2 


firefighter costumeThis is the costume we will be sporting for Halloween this year. The pink longsleeve shirt was on sale for $3 at Walmart. Depending on the costume and color of the pants you are using, swapping out the shirt for white, black, or yellow, would all work! I own a Silhouette Cameo and made the cutout of the fire emblem and ironed it on.

If your kiddo wants to represent a certain fire department, you can easily use the iron on letters like these from craft stores to spell out the name of the fire department on the front or back of the shirt if you don’t have a machine that cuts heat transfer vinyl. 

My kiddo already had an extra pair of black sweatpants in her drawer. You could use black, yellow, or brown pants as firefighter bunker gear is typically any of these three colors. The reflective portion is just duct tape! I found the silver reflective duct tape at the Dollar Store, and only used 1 roll. The yellow duct tape ($3) is from Walmart, and is slightly skinnier. I only used about 1/2 a roll. 

The duct tape can easily be removed after Halloween, and your kiddo can wear the pants again. I also like the fact that my kiddo can easily wear the fire department shirt anywhere too. It isn’t just a costume we put away in a bin, but rather one that we can get additional use out of. 


Tips for DIY and car seat friendly costumes 

  • Make wings and tails detachable with velcro or safety pins. You can easily remove them then when needing to put a kiddo in the car seat. 
  • Raid your drawers first for colored pants and shirts. Have black pants and a red shirt – make a ladybug! Have brown pants and a brown shirt? Make a UPS delivery driver costume. Have a white shirt? Black dots and some ears attached to a headband and you have yourself a dalmatian! 
  • Browse Pinterest. There are a ton of ideas of simple costumes you can make. Many just take a little hot glue, colored paper, and a t-shirt. 
  • Think ahead – if you see a specific item that would work towards a costume such as boots or a headband on sale, pick it up. 
  • Hit up the Buy & Sell sites on Facebook. There are always a heap of costumes for sale on garage sale sites leading up to Halloween. When you are in a pinch, check there. 

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