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A Feeling Worth Waiting For

Thirty minutes before she needed to get up, she came bursting into her brother’s room while I was feeding him. She was already dressed in her first day outfit and had even brushed her teeth.  

“Mom, can I go to Kindergarten now?”

“Just wait,” I said. “You need to eat breakfast first.”

She ate her breakfast faster than I had ever seen her eat any meal, ever.

“When can we go, Mom?” 

“Just wait,” I said. “I want to take a picture of you on the doorstep for your first day of kindergarten.”

She humored me and took pictures without complaint.  When we were done, she ran to the car.

“Can we go now, Mom?”

“Just wait,” I said. “I need to grab my purse.”

As I buckled her in the car she squealed with excitement that we were on our way. We drove to school and had only been in the car a minute when she asked, “When will we be there, Mom?

“Just wait,” I said. “It’s only a few more blocks away.” 

As we pulled up to the school she was delighted to see all the children on the playground. “Mom, look at all the kids!”

We parked and she unbuckled herself from her carseat before I had even turned off the car.

“COME ON, MOM! Let’s go!”

“Just wait,” I said. “Dad is on his way to meet us after dropping off your brother.”

We headed across the playground and she was walking on air. As we got closer, she ran to the slide to join the other kids. The PTO volunteer easily identified me as a Kindergarten parent and handed me a pack of Kleenex.  I’m not even going to need these, I thought. I had been apprehensive for weeks for how the morning would go and she was so excited and confident, she put me at ease. She was ready. I was ready. What was there to cry about?

“Is it time to line up yet?” she asked.

“Just wait,” I said. “The bell will ring soon.”

Eventually, the bell rang and she lined up with her class. We hugged, said our goodbyes, and I wished her a great day. She gave me one last wave and then she began walking into the school.  As she turned the corner, my eyes unexpectedly filled with tears as I was hit with this intense feeling that seemed to make my heart swell so much I was afraid it might burst.

Just wait…I want to hold on to this moment a little longer.

Just wait…I never want to forget how I feel right now. 

It was a magical mix of pride, joy, nostalgia, and love. As I headed across the playground back to my car I was walking on air. Proud of the little girl she had become and excited to see where this new adventure would take her.

I wanted more. When would that magical feeling come back?

Just wait…another milestone will be here before you know it and you’ll get to feel it again.

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