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5 Kid-Approved Aldi Snacks

Does it always feel like your kiddos are asking you for more snacks for school? I know that is how it was in my house growing up! My mom could never keep up with who needed what snacks for what classroom or event. As an avid Aldi shopper I have found a handful of favorites to always have on hand for our little one to snack on or bring to school to combat the never ending “I don’t have anything to eat” “I didn’t like what was for snack today!” 

Favorite Aldi Snacks:

SimplyNature Fruit Squeezies (they have a HUGE variety of flavors!) Even the hubby and I love to snack on these when we have road trips or at the camper in the summer! 

SimplyNature Kids Organic Fruit Snacks Easy & Individually packaged can’t get much better than that!

SimplyNature Freeze Dried Fruit (these are new favorite!) so far we have tried Apples, Peaches, & Strawberries and all were a hit. 

SimplyNature  Organic Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars is a traditional granola bar but without a lot of the junk from other brands

Clancy’s Barbecue Baked Potato Crisps a traditional potato chip! Our little one always grabs for the BBQ flavored ones and this brand is by far the best I think! 

Does your household have favorite Aldi products? We would LOVE to hear what they are! 

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