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The 12 Dates of Christmas

It it just me or does it seem like the person in your life that you are closest to is usually the hardest to shop for?  In this case, I’m talking specifically about my husband.  We have always loved exchanging gifts at Christmas.  And part of the fun has been to surprise each other.  So, that means no lists.  It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about finding something that shows you’ve been paying attention throughout the year.  

After choosing gifts for kids, parents, siblings, babysitters and teachers it can feel like a tall order. But, it is totally worth it when see the one you love open something that makes their face light up.  Last year I totally nailed it with a record player and a stack of vinyl. While I was pretty proud of my creativity, my favorite gift for my husband was a few years ago (before we were married).

The 12 Dates of Christmas.  

This gift is actually not what the name implies, it’s not 12 dates leading up to Christmas (who has time for that?!).  It’s a monthly date every month for a year.  You can give this gift anyway you choose.  I made a small scrapbook of photos with a little envelope on each page that contained the ‘date card’.  If crafts aren’t your thing, you could write each date in a card and wrap the stack of cards.  If your significant other likes quantity (as in number of gifts) wrap up 12 boxes with clues or details about each date inside.  

Now, for the fun part.

Deciding WHAT to do on your dates!  You can plan a mixture of at-home dates and nights out and customize your dates to your budget and interest.  Here’s some ideas by season:

Winter: Couples Massage, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Tubing, Ice Skating, Hockey Game

Spring: Winery / Brewery Tours, Backyard Bonfire & S’mores, Fondue Night, Evening Walk & Ice Cream

Summer: Patio Hopping, Cooking Class, Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons, Lake Day, Baseball Game

Fall: Tailgating & Game Tickets, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Game Night, Dance Class, Haunted House

The possibilities are endless!  Think about things you’ve always been wanting to try or places you’ve wanted to go.  Be creative and have fun with it!  One word of caution (speaking from experience)…FOLLOW THROUGH is key.  I will admit, my husband and I never did complete all of our planned dates.  We bought a house, started a remodeling project and life got in the way.  But writing this has inspired me to dig out that old book of dates and give it another try in the new year!  

What would you plan for your 12 Dates of Christmas?

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