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Bedtime Routines :: Again and Again

Every day starts out the same. We get up, have breakfast, love up on our animals, get our coats, boots, and backpacks on and away we go to daycare before school and work for Mom.  Fast forward about 12 hours to when it is time to start winding down for the day and settling into […]

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Finding the Perfect 'Mom Car'

Finding the Perfect ‘Mom Car’

This post is written in partnership with Snell Motors, all opinions are our own.I’m not a minivan mom.  I have many friends who swear that mini-vans are the only way to travel.  They are unsure how I even function without one.  Seriously, just ask a mom with a van about it and she’ll tell you […]

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Becoming a Mommy Yogi

Nearing the end of a long Minnesota winter, my husband encouraged me to attend yoga again. Again? I had considered myself a yogi for several years before becoming a mom and I loved it. Thinking about hitting the mat, regularly, at a studio gave me an instant gym intimidation feel. It had been quite a […]

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Loving You Enough

There are some nights, when I crawl into bed that I start to fear I am not thankful enough for you, that I didn’t love you enough that day.  That I didn’t hug you enough. I got too angry over little things. Little things like you sticking your feet under the rug repeatedly bunching it […]

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Raising 'Young Women of Distinction'

Raising Young Women of Distinction

Each year the YWCA of Mankato recognizes a group of women and young women as their Women of Distinction.  Women who go above and beyond in their professional and personal lives.  In 2005, the first ‘Young Woman of Distinction’ was named.  This year’s Women of Distinction Award Recipients are: Dr. Caroline Baerg, Sarah Richards and […]

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The Moment

The moment it got easier. The moment I was sleeping at night more than awake. The moment they pushed off on the bike without my help. The moment a basket of laundry went to the laundry room by itself. The moment when they hide their writings and drawings. The moment I didn’t have to play […]

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