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I’m Never Grocery Shopping Again!

Shopping carts

Every three days

It feels like I’m at the grocery store every three days or less! I try to get a big shopping trip in only once a week and get everything all at once but the food never seems to last that long anymore. When the boys were little I could go shopping for two weeks worth of food. Nope, not anymore. I’m on a gluten-free diet, my husband is on a keto diet and one child is on at least dairy free if not a possible dairy free, soy free, and wheat free diet. Our rate of food consumption is varied and we often run out of meat and cereal quickly along with milk and coffee. Sweet foods like watermelon, strawberries and my favorite coffee creamer vanish like we have a family of fridge trolls. So off to the store I go every few days.

I have a very specific list

I can go to Aldi and Cub and get pretty much the same thing for my big shopping trip. Going down every aisle and grab what I need, the same stuff every time. But throw a new recipe at me or a pantry supply that’s run out and I get tripped up. My goal is to get in and get out. I don’t have the endurance to price check because usually, the cheapest option has ingredients that somebody in the house can’t eat. So since I’m dealing with new food restrictions I’m forgetting a lot of my usual list. Cheese blocks, for example, have apparently disappeared from store shelves since I can never remember to pick them up anymore. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Food delivery to the rescue

So tonight I was looking at the black hole of my fridge when I remembered that my grocery store has been advertising delivery services. I noted the temperature and humidity levels outside and figured why not give it a try. Using the website was easy, I shopped by food departments and if a food or meal idea popped into my head I searched for the items and added them to the cart right then and there. I didn’t have to remember to remember. Once I had paid, I was notified that shopper had started less than 15 minutes later. She chatted with me via the app or website depending if I was at my desk. She asked about substitutions and out of stock items and I was able to check the ingredients on the website and approve the new items she suggested without getting off my butt interrupting the cleaning of my kitchen. 

The life of eating bonbons begins

All and all I’m thrilled! I don’t think I stop my regular big trips completely, but for times when I want to avoid shopping on an empty stomach or when I have a busy week and have boys asking for food like baby birds, this will be a welcome service!

Editor’s Note: Locally Hy-Vee and Cub Foods offer deliver service.  Target now has order pickup.  



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