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3 Easy Holiday Cookies to Make With Kids!

3 easy holiday cookies for kidsRaise your hand if you are crazy busy this time of year.  Raise your hand if you still want to enjoy special moments doing holiday activities that your kiddos will love.  I hear you, mamas!  Today I’m sharing 3 easy holiday cookies to make with kids.  Spoiler alert:  You don’t even have to turn on your oven!

One thing that I love about these is that you can several ingredients across all three designs.  This saves you some money and lets you make all three at once without much fuss.  But the best part is that your kids will think these are great.  My daughter had so much fun with these!  Let’s get started!

What you will need:

3 easy holiday cookies to make with kids

  • 1 package Nutter Butter cookies (family size)
  • 1 package white almond bark
  • 1 package chocolate almond bark
  • 33 white or vanilla chocolate chips
  • 110 mini chocolate chips
  • 22 red M&M’s plus 22 M&M’s of any color
  • 11 orange Tic Tacs
  • 22 pretzels
  • Red sugar sprinkles

What to do:

3 easy holiday cookies to make with kids

First, set up your work station.  Put your ingredients out so that you can easily access them.  Set up the surface that you will lay these on to set.  I used wax paper.  

3 easy holiday cookies to make with kidsNext, melt your white almond bark.  If you have a double boiler, use that.  I don’t, so I warmed it on the lowest setting on my stovetop, stirring almost constantly to prevent scorching.  Once melted and smooth, you are all set.

3 easy holiday cookies for kids

Begin by dipping the head end of your Santas into the bark.  Dip and set them out one at a time, decorating one before dipping the next.  Sprinkle with red sprinkles.  Add a white chocolate chip as the ball on his hat.  Let those sit while you dip entire cookies into the bark for the snowmen.  Use M&M’s for buttons, chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth, and a Tic Tac for his nose.

Once the snowmen are decorated, dip the beard end of your Santas.  Place a red M&M for his nose.  Use a little melted bark on your finger to apply to mini chocolate chips as a ‘glue’ to hold them on.

Finally, you are ready to make your Rudolph’s.  Melt your chocolate bark.  Dip the cookies one at a time, again decorating each one before dipping the next.  Place the white chips pointed side down.  Use a red M&M for the nose.  Place two pretzels as antlers.  Use a little melted bark on your finger as ‘glue’ to attach a mini chocolate chip to the white chips for the eyes.

That’s it!  Aren’t these adorable?!  They really made my daughter’s day and I hope they make yours, too.  Enjoy!


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