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Hexaflexagons, latest craze to hit my house.

Here’s a fun indoor activity for your winter bucket list (ssshh, don’t tell the kids it makes math fun!) While perusing my youtube subscriptions while waiting for dinner to cook I came across Vi Hart’s newest video How To Make a Hexaflexagon: The Definitive Guide It’s her latest in a series of videos explaining about hexaflexagons and […]

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A dreaded four letter word and how to deal with it.

It’s a four-letter word people don’t like to talk too much about. Lice. The mere mention of head lice not only makes you itch, it can also bring a bit of embarrassment because really, who wants to be a nitpicker? Lice don’t carry disease, however they’re highly contagious when someone is carrying the nit-laying louse. […]

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A Feeling Worth Waiting For

Thirty minutes before she needed to get up, she came bursting into her brother’s room while I was feeding him. She was already dressed in her first day outfit and had even brushed her teeth.   “Mom, can I go to Kindergarten now?” “Just wait,” I said. “You need to eat breakfast first.” She ate her […]

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Middle school? How did we possibly get here!

Dear Isaac, As summer draws to a close, many moms and dads start their countdown to the first day of school. Happily skipping through the lanes at Target, joyfully grabbing glue sticks, notebooks and plenty of Kleenex to cover the next nine months of freedom! For me, it’s a painful reminder that you are another […]

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I Love the Smell of Homeschool Supplies

Hi, my name is Carla and I homeschool three boys. My oldest is turning 13 this fall so this will be my 8th year of homeschooling. The leaves on my oak trees are already turning and starting to fall, so that means fall is coming and time for more formal learning. (Or there’s something wrong […]

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