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Me vs. My Mind

I’m not a crier.  In fact, my family has jokingly referred to me as a robot for my lack of tears.  I cry during funerals of close family/friends, have been known to weep in quiet moments over how quickly my kids are growing, but it takes something pretty substantial to make more then a few […]

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Surprising Post-Partum Advice You Need

I am now past the halfway mark on my 4th pregnancy of my 6th child.  In case you are doing the math, one of the pregnancies is a set of triplets.  With “so many” kids and pregnancies I have a unique birth and postpartum history. My first pregnancy, a single, was followed by the previously […]

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Christmas After a Miscarriage

    “Do you ever feel sad about what happened?” she asked.  As if, after this happens it just magically disappears or your feelings just go away one day.  Some days you wished it would, while other days you feel foolish for feeling sad when you have a friend who has been struggling for the […]

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Top 10 Products All New Moms Need

I am currently pregnant with my 6th child.  With my first child, I had 2 baby showers and got a ton of stuff…especially clothes.  My second pregnancy, we were expecting triplets so we had 3 baby showers.  We got even more stuff.  After the triplets, we assumed we were done with children and I sold […]

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Worth The Wait

Worth the Wait…

As the years fly by, we encounter so many people and experience a variety of highs and lows. Some days seem to stick out more as they hold such weight in our lives; your wedding, birth of a child, holiday celebrations, death of a friend. And then there are days that were indented to be […]

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