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A Feeling Worth Waiting For

Thirty minutes before she needed to get up, she came bursting into her brother’s room while I was feeding him. She was already dressed in her first day outfit and had even brushed her teeth.   “Mom, can I go to Kindergarten now?” “Just wait,” I said. “You need to eat breakfast first.” She ate her […]

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Type-A Gone Rogue

I’ve been Type A-(minus) personality since I was young. I prefer organization, office supplies, and clear counter tops. I long for the simplicity of “modern” design, but I am too sentimental and a farmhouse motif is more likely my design aesthetic. My mom was usually able to keep counters clean and prized herself on 15 […]

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Handle Car Sickness Like a Pro!

It was a sunny, beautiful summer morning.  I packed my two boys in my car and was excited to visit my sister and her family in Rochester.  I’ve done trips by myself before with just the two boys and me, how hard could it be to take a 1 hour and 15 minute road trip […]

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I See You

To Moms on the Brink, I See You

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I’m invisible. There are days when it feels like the load I carry is so unrealistic I can’t even see which end is up. On days like those, I long for some one to tell me they see me…. not just take me for granted, […]

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stack of toddler books.

Top 5 Favorite Toddler Books

As a mom, did you ever promise yourself something you would never deny your kids?  Books were one of mine. I remember getting handed the Scholastic Books brochures, stuffing them in my backpack and rushing home to beg my parents to order every single book. I was usually pretty lucky if I got one. When […]

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becoming a big kid mom

Becoming a Big Kid Mom

It’s the little things now, the slight change in posture, the squaring of the shoulders. I can better see what they will look like when they are done with their growing. They remind me more of relatives and their father. I wonder what they think when they see me staring into the future at them. […]

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Me and B

Musings of a New Mom

A friend sent me a text this morning before 6:00am… “Sorry it’s early” she said.  “I have a newborn. There’s so such thing as early or late. I’m awake. Always.” I responded.  This particular morning I was awake even though my baby was asleep because I was contemplating whether or not I should get up to […]

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