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My Kid’s Not a Jerk…he has Autism

Well…sometimes he is a jerk, but usually he’s just reacting to stressors that the rest of us don’t sense. One of Tanner’s biggest challenges is socializing (politely) in public settings, and I think I know why. Have you ever tried having a conversation in a crowded gymnasium during an athletic event? How about at one […]

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Take the Trip!

In the beginning of 2017, my life was a chaotic mess. I had a newly turned one year old, my dad had passed away, and I started a new job.. My cousin had asked if my husband and I were interested in taking a vacation with her and her significant other. We had a million […]

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Top 10 Products All New Moms Need

I am currently pregnant with my 6th child.  With my first child, I had 2 baby showers and got a ton of stuff…especially clothes.  My second pregnancy, we were expecting triplets so we had 3 baby showers.  We got even more stuff.  After the triplets, we assumed we were done with children and I sold […]

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Calling For Backup

Recently, my husband took a vacation with his dad and brother. It was a much deserved opportunity for him to get away and enjoy himself. But it meant that I was going to be the solo parent of our kindergartner and one year old for five days. It was time to call for backup.  Even […]

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Dear Mom, How Did You Do It All?

Dear Mom, This time of year always gets me feeling nostalgic about my childhood.  Growing up things certainly weren’t perfect, but you sure made it feel pretty close to perfect during the holidays.  (Without Target OR Amazon!!) Every single Christmas song that comes on the radio instantly transports me back to our dining room, table […]

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Every New Mom Needs This

This post was hard to write for a few reasons. For one, the constant demands of a newborn haven’t left me much time for blogging. I’ve tried to “blog when the baby blogs” but he never seems to pull out his laptop! Even when I’ve technically had the time, the task of organizing my thoughts […]

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One More Kiss Goodnight

Parenting experts often stress the importance of a consistent bedtime routine. When my boys were little, this routine included a bubble bath, footie pajamas, snuggles and bedtime stories. As a working mom, I treasured the chance to spend this time with them. I also remember how utterly exhausted I was on some of those nights. […]

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Why We’re Waiting for Baby Number Two

“Oh my gosh he is SO cute! Look at that curly hair! Do you ever wonder how a little girl would look with those curly locks?” “When’s the next one?” “How old is he? Almost two? Oh, it’s time for another one!”  These are just a few of the comments my husband and I hear […]

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