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Loving You Enough

There are some nights, when I crawl into bed that I start to fear I am not thankful enough for you, that I didn’t love you enough that day.  That I didn’t hug you enough. I got too angry over little things. Little things like you sticking your feet under the rug repeatedly bunching it […]

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The Moment

The moment it got easier. The moment I was sleeping at night more than awake. The moment they pushed off on the bike without my help. The moment a basket of laundry went to the laundry room by itself. The moment when they hide their writings and drawings. The moment I didn’t have to play […]

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Just Call Me Referee

You guys, this morning was a rough one. Like, really rough. You see, my boys, they are like oil and water. And me…. well I’m over it. My boys are so independent, so strong willed, and they are always pulling in opposite directions. My oldest is crazy smart, has the biggest heart and gives this […]

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Finding Balance and Being Present

I decided to ask my four year old a list of questions I had seen on Facebook. You know the ones, the questions you are supposed to ask and not edit after they answer. It was all fun and games until we got to this question: “What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?” His answer “Work”.  […]

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My Kid’s Not a Jerk…he has Autism

Well…sometimes he is a jerk, but usually he’s just reacting to stressors that the rest of us don’t sense. One of Tanner’s biggest challenges is socializing (politely) in public settings, and I think I know why. Have you ever tried having a conversation in a crowded gymnasium during an athletic event? How about at one […]

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Take the Trip!

In the beginning of 2017, my life was a chaotic mess. I had a newly turned one year old, my dad had passed away, and I started a new job.. My cousin had asked if my husband and I were interested in taking a vacation with her and her significant other. We had a million […]

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