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Are you sure he’s ready?

If you’re like me, every time your child does or learns something new, you’re hit with a double-edged sword. On one hand, you are overjoyed and filled with excitement because watching them learn is one of the greatest feelings ever. And on the other hand, you just want them to stop and slow down because […]

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Summer Routines and Boredom Busters

Summertime as a kid means lazy days, running through sprinklers, riding bikes, staying up late, and melting ice cream cones. I am a firm believer that kids need to enjoy their time off from school and the hustle and bustle of school year activities, however I also believe that kids need a certain level of […]

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Life’s Little Lessons

My  8-year-old, to put it mildly, LOVES Pokémon cards. He’s been working on collecting them over the past few years and loves to play the game whenever he gets a chance. As you can imagine, it’s a huge deal to have a little bit of spending money burning a hole in his pocket. A few […]

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Let Them Grow.

You always hear things like “let them be little” and “they grow so fast”. It seems like as parents we’re always trying to keep our kids from growing up. We want them to stay small, and young, and innocent for as long as possible.  Recently, my oldest son turned 8 years old. It’s crazy how […]

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People will Judge

A few months ago, my mom, my two year old son and I went on a Saturday morning trip to Ikea. It was my sons (and my moms!) first time there. We wandered through all the displays and the marketplace with zero meltdowns. A stuffed panda bear caught Jameson’s eye and since he was so […]

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