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When Worldviews Collide: The Saturday Morning Dino Problem

Parenting is a challenge. We all know this. If it were easy people would be repopulating the Earth like the Duggars and their quiver full of children. And let me add: mothering isn’t easy which makes step-mothering sometimes even harder. Under the best of circumstances a step child is introduced into your life that you […]

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Getting Uncomfortable Together

Hooray for new adventures! This is my very first piece for the Mankato Moms Blog and I am THRILLED! A few months ago I saw a post that MMB was looking for new contributors. I thought well, why not? I like to tell stories to friends and family. I love making people laugh and I […]

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Me vs. My Mind

I’m not a crier.  In fact, my family has jokingly referred to me as a robot for my lack of tears.  I cry during funerals of close family/friends, have been known to weep in quiet moments over how quickly my kids are growing, but it takes something pretty substantial to make more then a few […]

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I’m a Stepmom in a Mom’s World

Sometimes there are people you meet, no matter how fleeting their presence in your life, that are impactful in very large ways.  People who are too special for this world, that seem ethereal and not of this earth.  I remember Nicole this way and the one thing she said to me at 17 that echoes […]

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