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Feeding and Fueling Part 2: Talking to Kids About the Tough Stuff

Our conversation about youth hunger continues this week with part 2 of our “Feeding and Fueling series”, in partnership with Feeding Our Communities Partners. Last week we shed some light on the subject of youth hunger, some of the reasons why a child may be faced with food insecurity, and how FOCP is working towards […]

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Feeding and Fueling Part 1: Solving Youth Hunger

 We’ve all heard the classic parental phrase – “Eat your food! There are hungry kids somewhere in the world” – or something along those lines. I remember my parents saying this to me when I was younger, but I always pictured those hungry kids somewhere else, in another state or another country somewhere, but not here in my […]

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Grocery store produce

I’m Never Grocery Shopping Again!

Every three days It feels like I’m at the grocery store every three days or less! I try to get a big shopping trip in only once a week and get everything all at once but the food never seems to last that long anymore. When the boys were little I could go shopping for […]

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5 Kid-Approved Aldi Snacks

Does it always feel like your kiddos are asking you for more snacks for school? I know that is how it was in my house growing up! My mom could never keep up with who needed what snacks for what classroom or event. As an avid Aldi shopper I have found a handful of favorites […]

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Soup-er Duper Easy Homemade Soup

There’s something about a piping hot bowl of homemade soup, isn’t there?  Soup is synonymous with comfort and coziness.  It’s nostalgic, the smell of soup simmering on the stove reminds me of coming in from playing in the snow as a kid and soup has the power to warm you up on even the coldest […]

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3 easy holiday cookies to make with kids

3 Easy Holiday Cookies to Make With Kids!

Raise your hand if you are crazy busy this time of year.  Raise your hand if you still want to enjoy special moments doing holiday activities that your kiddos will love.  I hear you, mamas!  Today I’m sharing 3 easy holiday cookies to make with kids.  Spoiler alert:  You don’t even have to turn on […]

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