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Seeing Yourself Through a New Lens {Sponsored Post}

This post written in partnership with Zen Photography by Deborah

For some, meeting new people is exciting and they can fall into a natural conversation with just about anyone, anywhere.  For others, meeting new people is a cause for anxiety and feelings of dread.  I tend to fall somewhere in between.  I can do small talk with the best of them but I usually leave the event worried that I said something awkward or out of place.  

So, what about meeting 15 brand new people at once?!  

This is the setting for the first night our Mankato Moms Blog Contributor Team met.  It was a beautiful summer night at Riverfront Park in Downtown Mankato.  We gathered for our head shots and team photo with Deborah from Zen Photography by Deborah.  After a couple rounds of introductions I stood back, amazed at how easily the conversation seemed to be coming.  

A couple of women voiced their apprehension about being photographed by themselves.  As moms, most of us hadn’t been in a professional photo alone since either our wedding or our senior pictures.  Our photographer, Deborah, took our first 2 team members to the spot she had picked out.  When they returned one of the women had tears in her eyes.  She looked at me and said ‘Deborah was so great, she showed me one of the photos on her camera and she just made me feel so beautiful’.  


That is a pretty powerful thing, considering we live in a world where the internet and magazines tell women they are never beautiful enough.  This continued as more of the women got their photos taken. Each one returning to the group with a smile on her face singing the praises of Deborah.  

I recently saw an Instagram post that read ‘Good Energy is Contagious’.  I can’t think of a better way to describe our experience that night at Riverfront Park.  When I met Deborah she was in the process of relocating herself and her business to the Mankato area.  I feel like the timing was perfect for us to partner.  Check out her site and give her a call for your next family photo session, you’ll be so glad you did!   

When was the last time you had your photo taken?

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One Response to Seeing Yourself Through a New Lens {Sponsored Post}

  1. Camille Kurtenbach
    Camille Kurtenbach August 16, 2017 at 9:20 am #

    She was AMAZING I am so excited to have had a chance to work with her in hopes to work with her again soon for family photos of our own!