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A dreaded four letter word and how to deal with it.

It’s a four-letter word people don’t like to talk too much about. Lice. The mere mention of head lice not only makes you itch, it can also bring a bit of embarrassment because really, who wants to be a nitpicker? Lice don’t carry disease, however they’re highly contagious when someone is carrying the nit-laying louse. […]

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Start Something and Discover a Passion

I stared at the blank line before me. The thought of how to fill it was daunting. I tapped my pencil in hopes the repeated motion would prompt an idea. Several minutes passed. Nope. Nothing. Really? For the life of me I could not jot down even one hobby of mine when it came time […]

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Happy Valentine's Day

Bonding From a Distance

T-minus two hours until two V.I.P’s were about to enter our front door and my 9-year-old insisted that she whip up a batch of blueberry muffins in anticipation of their arrival. Oh yeah, and a special sign to boot. Seriously? At first I resisted because, in my mind, we clearly did not have time for […]

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Come One, Come All and Come Hungry to Eat the Fare at the Fair

"Come hungry" is the one suggestion to earnestly follow in anticipation of the #greatMNblogtogether.  Although the fairgrounds were officially closed for fair preparation, more than a dozen bloggers from around the state were welcomed in to gather for an exclusive taste of new fare offered at this  year's great Minnesota get-together.  I was one of [...]
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