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Are you sure he’s ready?

If you’re like me, every time your child does or learns something new, you’re hit with a double-edged sword. On one hand, you are overjoyed and filled with excitement because watching them learn is one of the greatest feelings ever. And on the other hand, you just want them to stop and slow down because […]

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People will Judge

A few months ago, my mom, my two year old son and I went on a Saturday morning trip to Ikea. It was my sons (and my moms!) first time there. We wandered through all the displays and the marketplace with zero meltdowns. A stuffed panda bear caught Jameson’s eye and since he was so […]

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Recycling has always been a major part in my life. My mom recycled everything she could while my dad found ways to reuse and repurpose almost anything he got his hands on. Recycling was a natural thing in our household and I assumed everyone recycled. As I grew up I realized that wasn’t always the […]

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The Day We Turned The Car Seat Around (GASP!)

We’ve all heard the “horror” stories of the parent who turned their child’s car seat around too soon. Or the mom who waited until their child was in preschool to do it. We’ve all done the research on when the appropriate time is to turn your child’s car seat forward facing. We’ve read the rules, […]

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Take the Trip!

In the beginning of 2017, my life was a chaotic mess. I had a newly turned one year old, my dad had passed away, and I started a new job.. My cousin had asked if my husband and I were interested in taking a vacation with her and her significant other. We had a million […]

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Why We’re Waiting for Baby Number Two

“Oh my gosh he is SO cute! Look at that curly hair! Do you ever wonder how a little girl would look with those curly locks?” “When’s the next one?” “How old is he? Almost two? Oh, it’s time for another one!”  These are just a few of the comments my husband and I hear […]

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