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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Recycling has always been a major part in my life. My mom recycled everything she could while my dad found ways to reuse and repurpose almost anything he got his hands on. Recycling was a natural thing in our household and I assumed everyone recycled. As I grew up I realized that wasn’t always the […]

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Take the Trip!

In the beginning of 2017, my life was a chaotic mess. I had a newly turned one year old, my dad had passed away, and I started a new job.. My cousin had asked if my husband and I were interested in taking a vacation with her and her significant other. We had a million […]

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Why We’re Waiting for Baby Number Two

“Oh my gosh he is SO cute! Look at that curly hair! Do you ever wonder how a little girl would look with those curly locks?” “When’s the next one?” “How old is he? Almost two? Oh, it’s time for another one!”  These are just a few of the comments my husband and I hear […]

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Never Ever Would I Ever

Remember that drinking game we played in college? You know, the one where we all started with 5 fingers up and went around the table saying embarrassing things we may or may not have done to try and get the others out? And the first one out had to drink and were named the loser […]

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