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Life’s Little Lessons

My  8-year-old, to put it mildly, LOVES Pokémon cards. He’s been working on collecting them over the past few years and loves to play the game whenever he gets a chance. As you can imagine, it’s a huge deal to have a little bit of spending money burning a hole in his pocket. A few […]

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How We Got Our LEGOS Under Control

LEGOS. Whether you love them, despise them or are just trying to find a way to NOT scream obscenities when you step on them, I’ve got a plan for you. The LEGO mania had taken over our play room and it was beyond ridiculous. I decided I had to take on the organization of those little […]

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Bye, Bye Baby Years

As I begin the packing away of 12 month clothes, I am suddenly hit with it. The harsh reality our baby years are almost over… Now I realize technically speaking we still have a “baby” but we won’t for long. Soon enough he’ll be speaking more words and then it will be full sentences. He won’t […]

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Just Call Me Referee

You guys, this morning was a rough one. Like, really rough. You see, my boys, they are like oil and water. And me…. well I’m over it. My boys are so independent, so strong willed, and they are always pulling in opposite directions. My oldest is crazy smart, has the biggest heart and gives this […]

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Finding Balance and Being Present

I decided to ask my four year old a list of questions I had seen on Facebook. You know the ones, the questions you are supposed to ask and not edit after they answer. It was all fun and games until we got to this question: “What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?” His answer “Work”.  […]

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I See You

To Moms on the Brink, I See You

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I’m invisible. There are days when it feels like the load I carry is so unrealistic I can’t even see which end is up. On days like those, I long for some one to tell me they see me…. not just take me for granted, […]

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9/11 Memorial and Museum

When Time Stood Still – 9/11 Remembrance

I was walking to my early morning Humanities class on the University of Northern Iowa campus when panic began to set in. Student whispers turned to screams, everyone huddled around radios and/or TV’s taking it all in. Then it hit, the 2nd plane plowed through the tower… minutes later the building collapsed, the building we […]

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becoming a

Becoming a Boy Mom

In February, my husband and I welcomed our third child (and third boy) into our family. He’s a absolute blessing and has completed our family of 5.   Why am I telling you this? I am sharing a not-so-secret, secret…. my heart broke a little when the ultrasound tech told us she was “75% sure […]

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