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National Night Out: Befriend Your Neighbors

This morning as my kids and I started off on a walk, I noticed our new neighbors hadn’t brought their garbage and recycling to the curb. Overflowing after their move, the cans were heavy and gross.  But with my kids’ help, we rolled them out. They are new and likely didn’t know today was garbage […]

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An Awful Rite of Passage

You have a baby. The baby is perfect. She is small and innocent and your heart may burst you love her so much. You vow to never, ever let anything bad happen to this darling. You are a perfect parent. Then something bad happens. And it was 100% totally your fault. You are so NOT […]

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A Simple Post to Help You Compost

Before I had kids, I did all kinds of things I am no longer able (or willing) to do. Life B.K. (before kids) involved more time and more money.  Luxurious indulgences like monthly pedicures and hair appointments. Yoga classes four or five times a week. Unencumbered travel. Sigh. Those were the days. But the things […]

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The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Parenting

Should I stay in bed another fifteen minutes and risk rushing them out the door? What if Thing Two throws a fit over getting dressed? What if Thing One wants to make her own breakfast? Better get up. Should I buy the warranty with the new camera? Could be a waste of $49. But the […]

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