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Grocery store produce

I’m Never Grocery Shopping Again!

Every three days It feels like I’m at the grocery store every three days or less! I try to get a big shopping trip in only once a week and get everything all at once but the food never seems to last that long anymore. When the boys were little I could go shopping for […]

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Yarn and Knitting

A Place for You

How to keep sight of you when you are a mom. As a mom, we often carve out space for the people in our life. In the physical, with rooms made up for our children, and in our hearts for our friends and family. We share and give of our time and energy. We expand […]

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The Moment

The moment it got easier. The moment I was sleeping at night more than awake. The moment they pushed off on the bike without my help. The moment a basket of laundry went to the laundry room by itself. The moment when they hide their writings and drawings. The moment I didn’t have to play […]

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How Does a Minnesota Mom Prepare for a Snowstorm?

Rain and wind and snow, oh my! In all seriousness our actual forecast is freezing rain, followed by 4 inches of snow. Children are looking forward to snow days and commuters are looking forward to mayhem. So how do we moms get ready to hunker down and not succumb to cabin fever? Step 1: Get […]

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It’s January! Celebrating the Normalness

I love January, new year, new beginnings. There’s more sunlight, almost 10 hours by the end of the month! My husbands birthday is coming up so I can shop for him! When January is over there is a short, quick, little month of February. Now it’s time to get down to business without the distractions […]

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Hexaflexagons, latest craze to hit my house.

Here’s a fun indoor activity for your winter bucket list (ssshh, don’t tell the kids it makes math fun!) While perusing my youtube subscriptions while waiting for dinner to cook I came across Vi Hart’s newest video How To Make a Hexaflexagon: The Definitive Guide It’s her latest in a series of videos explaining about hexaflexagons and […]

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Makuep Brushes

Lazy Mom Products to the Rescue

The holidays are quickly approaching and who doesn’t need a few tips and tricks to make everything go smoother. I recommend taking less time on your appearance!  Just kidding. If hiding in the bathroom “putting on makeup” is self-care while the kids are fighting over whose popsicle stick is touching their drawing, then I totally […]

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Getting the photos off your camera roll

Getting the Photos Off Your Camera Roll

How many photos are on your smart phone’s camera roll?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Let’s explore some ways to organize and preserve your 2D legacy.  Today is a good day to take stock of your digital photo storage management along with making sure you’re preserving the past in a physical manner that your entire family can enjoy. […]

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becoming a big kid mom

Becoming a Big Kid Mom

It’s the little things now, the slight change in posture, the squaring of the shoulders. I can better see what they will look like when they are done with their growing. They remind me more of relatives and their father. I wonder what they think when they see me staring into the future at them. […]

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