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Coming Back to Us

We think that only stomping feet comes from tantruming toddlers, but admit it…you’ve walked “heavy footed” yourself. Whether due to anger caused by a child’s act or an adult, walking with force feels powerful and gives an outlet for the steam building under our skin. I suggested my husband do a “chore” this evening, and […]

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Grieving Christmas Traditions

One of my best friends once whispered, “Isn’t she over that by now?” No. I was crying. It had been years, but grief is never over. There are times when you think you’re finally in a good place. Then SLAP you in the FACE. Christmas. You don’t just miss your loved one. You miss their […]

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{Totally Doable} Birthday Traditions for Kids

I have unrealized dreams. They can be viewed for all the world to see.  It’s a public board on Pinterest.  Can you relate? Wardrobe, interior design, travels, birthday themes… Despite my dreaming, my budget and execution skills just never live up to the photographs. My kids birthdays are one of those boards. While I still […]

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Type-A Gone Rogue

I’ve been Type A-(minus) personality since I was young. I prefer organization, office supplies, and clear counter tops. I long for the simplicity of “modern” design, but I am too sentimental and a farmhouse motif is more likely my design aesthetic. My mom was usually able to keep counters clean and prized herself on 15 […]

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date night slump-

Date Night Slump? Here are some ideas!

Date Night. It sounds magical. Something my fairy godmother could grant me, if she ever showed up. When I asked friends what they do for date nights, most answered with crickets or few ideas due to limited experience. Before we became mothers, many of us were wives first. While we will be mothers the rest [...]
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Mom, Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten

Your baby is five. Where did the years ago? Then suddenly KINDERGARTEN is all we can think about. Maybe you’ve kept school in mind all along, but it seemed so far off. Now it’s imminent. While the teachers are often focused on the nerves of their new 5- and 6-year-old students, it’s the parents who […]

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