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What is Reiki Healing?

This post is written in partnership with Awaken Reiki & Soul HealingI knew nothing about Reiki before I met Deborah Monacelli, owner of Awaken Reiki & Soul Healing. I didn’t even know how to pronounce it correctly (ray-key), so I did some research before my session, starting with Deborah’s website: “Reiki is a method of […]

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My Kid’s Not a Jerk…he has Autism

Well…sometimes he is a jerk, but usually he’s just reacting to stressors that the rest of us don’t sense. One of Tanner’s biggest challenges is socializing (politely) in public settings, and I think I know why. Have you ever tried having a conversation in a crowded gymnasium during an athletic event? How about at one […]

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One More Kiss Goodnight

Parenting experts often stress the importance of a consistent bedtime routine. When my boys were little, this routine included a bubble bath, footie pajamas, snuggles and bedtime stories. As a working mom, I treasured the chance to spend this time with them. I also remember how utterly exhausted I was on some of those nights. […]

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The hand of a child who receives the weekly allowance from an adult.

Do you Pay Your Kids to do Chores?

This question is likely to start a heated discussion among parents. Parents of infants & toddlers will volunteer tons of brilliant ideas, helpful advice, and strong opinions about how they plan to foster a strong work ethic in their children. Parents of grade schoolers will nod politely. They know the majority of this advice is […]

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