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car seat friendly halloween costumes

Car Seat Friendly Halloween Costumes

When you live out in the country, traveling to a neighbor’s house to trick-or-treat can be quite a jaunt! We travel to three different cities during all Hallows Eve in order to catch all the family. This means a lot of time in and out of a car seat for the kiddo. This also means […]

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Working Mom Guilt -An Invisible Ache

Scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds throughout the summer made my heart sink more than once. I watched my mom friends who are stay-at-home moms or have summers off, take their kids to every local waterpark imaginable, head to the cities for trips to the zoo, check out various parks, and attend library event […]

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A Feeling Worth Waiting For

Thirty minutes before she needed to get up, she came bursting into her brother’s room while I was feeding him. She was already dressed in her first day outfit and had even brushed her teeth.   “Mom, can I go to Kindergarten now?” “Just wait,” I said. “You need to eat breakfast first.” She ate her […]

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My Attempt at #mealprep: Tales from a Rookie

I have to start by coming clean.  Typically when I see those Instagram posts about #mealprep along with a photo of neatly stacked lunches prepared for the week, I roll my eyes.  I guess you could say I’m a hater.  I beat myself up for not being better organized to do my own #mealprep for […]

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Type-A Gone Rogue

I’ve been Type A-(minus) personality since I was young. I prefer organization, office supplies, and clear counter tops. I long for the simplicity of “modern” design, but I am too sentimental and a farmhouse motif is more likely my design aesthetic. My mom was usually able to keep counters clean and prized herself on 15 […]

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Start Something and Discover a Passion

I stared at the blank line before me. The thought of how to fill it was daunting. I tapped my pencil in hopes the repeated motion would prompt an idea. Several minutes passed. Nope. Nothing. Really? For the life of me I could not jot down even one hobby of mine when it came time […]

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Date Night In!

Any other mamas or wives out there like to cook for their husbands, or do your husbands like to cook for you? If so this date night in idea will be right up your alley! I love to cook and love to try new recipes, this recipe was a spin on a dish my dad […]

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Traveling with My Toddler

The overly packed suitcases, zip lock bags full of snacks, fully charged kindle, and newly opened sticker activity books. All the traveling essentials for a toddler trip! It can be overwhelming before you even get started. On our recent trip with our 2 year old, our vehicle was embarrassingly full. Its hard to know what […]

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Handle Car Sickness Like a Pro!

It was a sunny, beautiful summer morning.  I packed my two boys in my car and was excited to visit my sister and her family in Rochester.  I’ve done trips by myself before with just the two boys and me, how hard could it be to take a 1 hour and 15 minute road trip […]

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